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Monday, May 9, 2011

When Will I learn?

Yeah, so 'Fat Girl Friday' reared its ugly head on Friday...there were sweet potato fries, a few cocktails, a Dairy Queen chocolate/peanut butter Blizzard, and of course a Taco Bell extravaganza of fake orange cheese.


And we all know what a 'Fat Girl Friday' leads to...a 'Weight Gain Monday.' 

Double sigh.

So, here is a message to myself in black and white so I stop this behavior:

A good weigh-in day does NOT mean you get to pig out!

The end.


  1. Ok, the kitty picture made me laugh. But seriously, yeah, you know what to do, now you can do it. Taco Bell es no bueno. It's not even real food. (And try the chocolate peanut butter Arctic Zero - it got me over the hump of a pretty bad craving.)

  2. I love that kitty pic! LOL. We all have the occasional "bad day" so don't knock yourself out, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on track...That's my motto for this week as well, since my scale did the upwards movement as well this week. Le sigh.

  3. You know what though? My opinion is everything in moderation. You are at your goal and loving life. If you keep yourself on a reasonable plan all week, having a treat at the end of the week isn't a crime. I would say though, if you are afraid of bad habits returning, then absolutely do something about the behavior, but at maintenance, I am certain I will indulge in certain things I love. It's what we do consistently that defines who we are, not an occasional treat.

  4. Girl, I just had fat girl Monday. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

  5. I agree with Cat, everything in moderation. A small slip by giving in in moderation is much better than a fall flat on your face that we all know we are all capable of. Don't beat yourself up, just hit the gym and get back to it...

    I did love the "fat girl friday" reference.

  6. Can you text me that everyday?? Sigh. Story of my life.


  7. AT least you know to stop the ride and get off!

  8. I agree with EVERY positive statement above, and add this one: A good weigh-in day doesn't mean you get to pig out, but you didn't work this hard to not occasionally indulge. The Fat Fairy WILL NOT wave that wand, you will not ruin your hard work in one day, I promise. You got this!

  9. One day won't break your diet. Just get back on track asap! You can do it!