Weigh-Ins are on FRIDAYS - Updated April 3, 2015

Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Hit my goal weight on December 17, 2010:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

An Amazing Read! Great Tips for Lap-Band Success!

Did you see it?

Did you read it yet?

Did you know that there are Lap-Band patients out there who are over ten years post-op who are maintaining their goal weight?!?


Meet Karen Gillman:
In 2004, Karen had gastric band (Lap-Band®) surgery which ultimately helped her combat her obesity, shed and maintain a weight loss of 145 pounds and bring her BMI from a staggering 45.3 to a maintaining a normal weight BMI of 23.

Go Karen!
Lucky for us, Karen is very open about her life before and after surgery.

This lady is representin' on the interwebs:

She's got a BLOG.

She's got a fancy Facebook.

She even has a BOOK.  That's what she said.  A book! It's called, "It's Never Too Late. A Ten Year Journey with Weight Loss Surgery."

I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary from Karen and here's the scoop:

I read it cover to cover.


It's a super quick and easy read.

Lots of pics.






But, wait.

Who is this especially great for?  Anyone considering any type of weight loss surgery.

My favorite parts of this book?

-- She lists her items she keeps in her kitchen.  Who knew that there was a special type of grater and chopper that makes portion sizes easy? 
-- She shares her top must have items to be a successful Lap-Band patient. I love her recommendations of her fave shapewear that she wears underneath her clothes. (gasp!)
--She tells you about her new level of happiness and energy now that she has lost her excess weight.

You can find her book HERE.





You're welcome.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Did I Break My Lap-Band?

Let's rewind.

Back to that time when I seriously thought that I had broke my Lap-Band.

I had been cruising along for over a year with 7.3 ccs in my Lap-Band.

I could eat anything.

Bread. Yep.

Pasta. Yep.


Just not in huge quantities.

My hunger was under control.

It. Was. Awesome.

Food would get stuck or "PB" (food coming back up) maybe once every 2 or 3 months.

Then my food choices got STUPID over the holidays: Cookies, cake, treats, etc.

Then came new years day 2015.

And EVERYTHING changed.

My honey and I went on a weekend getaway to San Francisco: Ice skating, Shopping, Theater Shows, Food, etc!

Here's what went down:

Jan 1  -- We started the weekend by going to the Trampoline park in SF. We jumped and jumped and jumped.  Great exercise and so fun! Nifty socks included.

Jan 2  -- Major PB lunch. Again a bad PB at Dinner. Bad food choices by me. Liquids going down fine though. There was a constant middle of my back pain and the really bad heartburn began. This was such a NEW experience for me. My Lap-Band had never caused me such pain. My constant thought: Did I break my Lap-Band by jumping on the trampolines? Seriously. WTF.

Jan 3 --Our fun weekend was over and we headed home. I called my surgeon for an emergency unfill that week.

Jan 5 -- Major unfill of my Lap-Band at bariatric surgeon's office: 3.5 ccs!  Now there was less fill in my band than when my band was put in at surgery in October 2009. 
Jan 5 onwards - heartburn and some pain with most all food choices.  Liquids going down fine.

Jan 21 -- Barium swallow.  The barium swallow doctor and the tech assistant guy in the room kept saying "Looks good" and "be careful, you'll gain weight with a band that loose"  They even had me swallow a barium pill (HUGE PILL!) And that pill went down no problem.

Jan 28 -- Appointment with Bariatric surgeon for the official verdict on the barium swallow.  He said it looked OK.  I did not want a fill.  He didn't want to do a fill. Still having slight pain and some heartburn occasionally.  He said some scary words to me: "You don't want to lose your band" and we ended the appointment with "Let's see how it goes at this fill level".

March 5 -- The last time I had heartburn.

March 5 onwards -- No pain when eating. No heartburn for awhile now. Uh oh! I can now eat more.  I am getting hungry after about 2 hours with my usual small portions.  The scale is going up. I'm HUNGRY!  Called bariatric surgeon for fill appointment.

March 26 -- Appointment with bariatric surgeon.  1.5 cc fill.

March 26 onwards -- Hunger is GONE.  Scale has gone down a few pounds.  Still no pain. Still no heartburn.

So here we are: April 4. Today.

These past three months have taught me:
  • I can't take my band for granted. I need to make good food choices.
  • If and when my Lap-Band is removed (a silicone device has a limited lifespan) I hope the good folks over at Apollo Endosurgery are still manufacturing Lap-Bands so I can get a band replacement. I don't think I could ever revise to a bypass or sleeve. Not my thing.
  • Hunger is still scary.
  • And NO, I didn't jump my band broken.
I remember during my fill appointment with my bariatric surgeon on March 26.  I joked with him when laying back on the table and said "Look! I'm winning today. I don't have to undo my pants for the fill. These pants are loose!"

He then smiled calmly down at me and replied with,"You've already won."

That brings me to my last learning lesson: Perspective

Friday, February 27, 2015

One of My HUGE secrets to my Success

What's the big secret to my success? Weekly weigh-ins.  EVERY Friday.

I've been consistently weighing in every Friday since August 2009.

My starting weight: 260.0 lbs

Today's weight: 144.8 lbs

Goal weight: 145.0 lbs

I've been at my goal weight since December 17, 2010.


Monday, February 23, 2015

What If I Fall?

I tried something new.

For the for the very first time.


Was the BIG day.

The most physically challenging Non-Scale Victory (NSV) to date.

I swung on my my hands.

And dangled from my knees.

I was upside down.

And I flew through the air.

...on a TRAPEZE

At a trapeze class, to be quite specific.

And guess what?

I survived to tell you the tale.

Right here.

Right now.

Climbing up the metal ladder was the most difficult for me. 
 Swinging from the platform was a leap of faith...could I hold on and support my body weight?

 I learned to get my legs up and hang from my knees!

 I even learned that I could let go and have someone catch me!
Check out the video of me flying through the air HERE.

Today, the day after, my muscles are the most sore they have ever been since I had Lap-Band surgery in October 2009.

My abs hurt.

My arms hurt.

My calves hurt.

It hurts to sit down.

It hurts to laugh.

Did I mention that my abs hurt?

Oh my.  Like a thousand sit-ups.

Was it worth it?






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