Weigh-Ins are on MONDAYS - Updated July 3, 2017

Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, April 1, 2016

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Friday Weigh-in Day.

Last friday's weight: 148.8 lbs

Today's weight: 148.2 lbs

It's a loss. -0.6 lbs....and I'll take it! Onwards.

PS: for Christmas, the Husband gave me tickets to "Dirty Dancing The Musical" in San Francisco.
So this past weekend, the day had finally arrived of the big show.  OMG. I think I had way too much fun in front of that photo wall.


  1. Woohoo on the loss and the show! Would love to see that one! Would be very tempted to sing out "dirty bit" in the middle of Had the time of my life though! #dirtyzumbahabit

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