Weigh-Ins are on MONDAYS - Updated July 3, 2017

Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, January 13, 2017

Guess What Happened This Past Wednesday?

Before I tell you about Wednesday, I must first tell you about this morning's weigh-in.

'Cuz today is Friday.

That means it's weigh-in day.

Last Friday's weight: 166.2 lbs

Today's weight: 163.8 lbs.

This week's loss: 2.4 lbs.

And I made you a pretty little spreadsheet to show my progress:

How have I achieved this 5.8 lbs loss in two weeks?
  • I have not been eating whatever the hell I want. Yep. Good times.
  • I have been tracking my food choices and limiting calories to 1200 calories a day. And as much protein as possible. No limit on protein. 
  • With my Lap-Band to control my physical hunger, it's a little easier to eat less.
And guess what happens when I watch my food choices and portions?

Here's the Captain Obvious moment...wait for it... I lose weight! Shocking. Indeed.

I am aiming for 145 lbs.

I am trying for a loss of 1-2 lbs per week.

I'll get there.

One week at a time.

Now we can talk about Wednesday.

I went to see my bariatric surgeon for an adjustment to my Lap-Band.

I asked for a baby teeny tiny fill of 0.1 ccs.

He wanted to put more 0.2 ccs, but I told him no thanks.

I like to slowly creep up on that proper fill level. There's no rush.

For me, even that 0.1 cc fill has reduced my hunger levels a bit more. It's amazing that a tiny little fill can do the trick.

Until next week my friends.



  1. Way to go!! I am so proud of and impressed with you for getting a handle on this and taking back your goal weight. Seriously good stuff.

    I'm doing something similar... The hubby and I are doing a "dry" January. Well, he's 100% dry, I'm "dry-during-the-week" and slowly, my extra 5 pounds are creeping off. It's nice to know that my kindred bandmates struggle with these things too and are fighting the good fight!

  2. So glad you are reversing as quickly as you can. It too me a while to reverse my 6-8 pound gain, but I'm happy to report I've reached my transition to weight maintenance at my best weight. I'll hit my 5 year mark in 2 weeks or so.

    Onward and here's to quick action and eating what makes you well. I've found it can be delicious. Karen P

  3. Nice job! Would love it if you posted a sample menu of what you're eating. Could use some food choice inspiration!