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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Secrets of the Healthy Skinny People

I don't know about you, but when I was obese, I honestly thought that the "healthy" and "skinny" people in this world were just born that way.

How lucky I used to think the skinny/healthy people were! How fun it must be to have fabulous metabolisms!  Lucky them, poor me.

I thought that the healthy/skinny folks had won the genetic lottery and that I unfortunately had been hit with the fat stick.  Hey, at least it wasn't the stupid stick.  As Judge Judy says "Beauty fades, dumb is forever"....but I digress.

Ever since I met my goal weight of 145 lbs back in December, I've been on the hunt: searching out the secrets of the skinny/healthy people.

How do they stay skinny and healthy?  I continue to ask them all kinds of questions that often gets me strange looks that tell me to mind my own business or that I've just asked the most obvious question, like "is the sun up in the sky?  DUH"

Here are my usual questions that I've been asking for the last five months:
  • Do you workout daily?
  • Do you keep track of your daily intake calories?
  • Do you weigh yourself pretty often?
And do you know what 98% of  the skinny/healthy people say to me in response to those questions? YES.

Therefore, the results of my very unscientific study of the skinny/healthy people: There are no secrets. They do the work and reap the rewards of their healthy lifestyles.

Go forth and be your skinny healthy person.  It's worth it.


  1. Excellent advice. I love your new design by the way and loved the article today on FB, also very good advice.

  2. Thanks for this. I really like the cartoon. I love how so many people blame their genes on their obesity. It's funny in a sad sort of way.

  3. I absolutely love this post. I remember telling my hubby a long time ago (well before I even considered WLS) that skinny people (yeah, I said chicks...) don't eat the way I do on a regular basis. Skinny, healthy people eat well and exercise most days. Sure, there are days when they don't, or give themselves permission to have cake or whatever, but MOST days they eat nutritious healthful meals in reasonable portions, they also exercise 3 or more days of the week. Live the life you want to have is my new philosophy. I like living like a skinny, healthy chick. Thank you for this post!

  4. Love the new blog. I so wish I could find the time to workout daily. Hopefully it is coming soon.

  5. If only I read this prior to gaining all this weight!!! Darnit! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    I think this post makes a lot of sense. However, for as many skinny healthy people as I know, I also know an equal amount of what I call "skinny UNhealthy people" -- these people eat fast food at least once a day, do not work out, and also snack on candy and packaged snacks almost daily - yet maintain a "healthy BMI". So while there are plenty of thin people who stay that way through proper eating habits and active lifestyle, there are those others who are just "naturally" thin. However, I wouldn't really want to trade places with them, because I know on the inside they are not "healthy" and they probably feel like crap from all the junk they eat.

  7. When I was thin, I would have answered "No" to all three of those questions. The reason for me being thin was perfect weight regulation due to hormones in my body. I think age has a big effect on this - when you're younger, your body's hormones might be working perfectly, as mine did. Come the age of 25, things changed.