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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Untapped Market Opportunity: Lap Bands for CATS!

You know those cute little anecdotes that you hear at your Lap Band Support Group?

Or maybe those interesting comments that you read about on the lapbandtalk.com message boards about how those around you in your life will change with your weight loss?

Yeah, I remember hearing certain comments and thinking..."yeah, right...that will never happen to me"

Well, one comment I remember hearing was how people's pets GAIN weight when us bandsters LOSE weight.  I guess us bandsters feed the extra food leftovers to our pets? or maybe the thought is, "well, if I can't eat it, then by golly someone's going to enjoy this fabulous tasty food."  And we all know who that someone is for me...my cat, Pemberley:

Anyways, I've just returned from the annual vet visit.  In the last two years, Pemberley's weight has increased by 31%.  Yeah, I did the math...cuz I'm down with spreadsheets like that.  But, YIKES...31%!

Pemberley's always been on the "Sizzler Buffet" food plan.  You know, the bowl of food filled to the brim all...the...damn...time?  Yeah, that's how she rolls. But I've been supplementing with bits of string cheese, rotisserie chicken, the list goes on and on...hey, at least it's protein, right?

Onwards to portion control and set feeding times.

This is her official "before" photo:


  1. Lololol..my dog ate about 5oz of med rare sirloin and green beans with shitakes last night. Spoiled animal.

  2. very funny.....Just wanted to let you know that I have started blogging....mayoroffrumpyville.blogspot.com. Please check it out and let me know what you think....

  3. Need I ask how Pemberley got her name? : )
    I think she's absolutely beautiful but if she is overweight, it's better for her health and overall well being if you follow your plan.

  4. I love your cat!

    Whenever we eat out, my partner gets my leftovers. I work out what I can get down, then sneak the rest onto his plate.

  5. Your cat is A.Dorable! I can't wait to get a kitty, but I'm still trying to convince my hubby.

  6. LOL! I love this post. I actually just weight my cat this week and he weighs over 20lbs!!! But he's always been "big boned" so I know it's not the leftover syndrome. LOL

  7. Her tummy looks so soft and inviting for petting :)