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Monday, May 23, 2011

Keepin' it REAL

During my weekend away, I encountered some misunderstanding that the general non-banded folks have about the band (to be expected). 

I heard comments like "oh, you can only eat a little amount of food, right?" or "I have a friend who has that band and she pukes up her food all the time."

So I thought that I would do a post for those of you who are looking into gastric banding surgery. 

I wish I had read something like this when I was pre-op. 

Even with my 10 cc band filled with 7.4 ccs, I can still eat a lot.  It doesn't mean that I should, but I can.

Here are a few of my poor food choices/examples from this weekend:
  • Friday: A Cinnabon (yeah, the big one) with 16oz of chocolate milk (took about 25 minutes to eat)
  • Saturday: 3 decent sized pieces of wedding cake...'cuz there were three kinds and damn it I needed to try all three. (took about 45 minutes to eat); 3 glasses of sparkling cider; and way too many Almond Rocas to count.
  • The reception was at the hotel's all you can eat buffet.  There were many, many trips to the buffet bar over a 3+ hour period. 
Were these choices good? NO.

Could I eat like this everyday? YES...and I would gain all the weight back 

Do I eat like this every day? NO.

For me, the band is all about "shoulds" and not "cans":
  • I should exercise every day.
  • I should eat high protein / low calorie foods
  • I should only eat when I'm hungry
  • I should drink 64+ oz of water a day
  • I should take my vitamins daily
Therefore, if you are looking into gastric banding, please know that in my opinion, the band does about 20% of the "work".  The rest of the work (80%) is up to me with good food choices and making exercise a priority.

I have never vomited (PB'd) since surgery. My turn will come one of these days...sigh.  But don't think that you'll miss out as I will be sure to do a full-detail gory post all about it! I'm sure you're waiting patiently for the blessed day.


  1. Oh my week end was about the same. If I sit in front of the food very long I can always eat more. I just have to "Step away from the table"
    Good advice to newbees.

  2. Well said my friend. Well said. And I like the new blog layout!

  3. Amen! Love the layout as well

  4. Very good post! Always interesting to hear what non-bandsters think about the band. I don't talk to people about mine. Only 6 people in my life know about it.

  5. Sorry my comment is not directly related to your post. I noticed your profile pic changed and I see the header here getting all glammed up. :)

    I hurt my knee a few weeks ago and had to get a cane. My knee has healed and I was wondering what to do with the cane.

    Ah! Epiphany! I am going to send it to you! Clearly you need something to beat back the throngs of men that must surround you wherever you go. Oh we can be subtle so you might not realize it yet but I assure you, before long you will know how the Beatles and Elvis felt!

  6. People flock to you because you tell the truth. I love reading your success, your slips, and your reality. Awesome post, and you picked up m spirits this morning. Thanks !!... And awesome pix as well...

  7. So true! The band does 20% of the work for you. I have a lot of information on my blog about gastric banding surgery for those who are interested in the procedure. www.phoenixrevolution.net They can learn a lot by reading blogs like yours!!

  8. very well said, Thanks for the post and reminder!