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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Letter To My Brain

Dear Brain,

Are you slow on the uptake?  Did you not get the memo? Are you a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal?  Is the hamster dead, yet the wheel is still spinning?

Can you please, please, please update your mental image of how I look now? 

It's time to catch up and realize that I now look like this:

You do know that I don't look like this anymore, but seriously...I think you are still about 50 lbs behind:

So, Brain, get yourself with the program...time to update!

Your Friend,
Lap Band Gal


  1. You look wonderful... time for that brain to get the message. :)

  2. In total agreement with Ms. M! I've thought a lot about you saying your confidence was MIA. In my mind, it took exceptional confidence to accept the invitation in San Francisco, jump on a plane and go there AND give a presentation. I would love to have confidence like that. You are really doing so well. :)

  3. I hope it just takes time. As Caron said above, you are already at least outwardly making these mental changes. It really took a lot of gumption to be a patient representative in San Fran! You'll get there dear. I know you will.

  4. I feel exactly the same...I hope my brain will catch up!

  5. Being a few fries short of a happy meal is not a bad thing. You represent all of bandsters so well.

  6. I keep hoping it will happen. I think there are good days and bad ones with the old brain.

    Would we have been as big as we were before if we were a good judge? I kind of think not.


  7. Great post, and you do look fantastic!

  8. Right there with ya!

  9. you look great! Its absolutely amazing!!!

  10. Yes, I think that is the hardest thing to do .. to actually see the weight loss!

    We all need to send that letter to our brains! :)

  11. You look FANTASTIC!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  12. You are such a cutie patootey!

  13. Love it! Hope your brain gets there soon -- you look too great for your brain not to get to enjoy knowing that all the time! :)


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