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Monday, May 16, 2011

I Want To Be a Baby Bandster Again

I remember when I was a recent post-op and I was soooo careful about what I would eat. 

You know, those magical early months just after surgery.  I was such a good Baby Bandster.  I was down 40 lbs by my 2 month bandiversary.  I was so careful about what I would eat.

When I was a Baby Bandster, many thoughts would pass through my head before I would eat ANYTHING:
  • Can I eat that?
  • Should I eat that?
  • How much of that should I eat?
  • I better chew, chew, chew that!
However, as time has progressed, I have slowly learned what I can get away with.  Especially with my band, since I think I keep my band a bit looser than some.  And let me tell you...there have been a lot of poor food choices lately.  I guess that's a typical process for many with any weight loss surgery. 

Luckily, with this last fill, I am absolutely at my sweet spot and have good restriction. Is my first stuck episode/PB on the horizon?  I hope not, but this is the most restriction I have ever felt with my band.

Therefore, I have put out an APB calling back my inner Baby Bandster.  Time to refocus my energy on making good nutritional food choices.

Have you lost touch with your Baby Bandster?  I heard someone say the other day, "I forgot I even have a lap band."  WOW. I have never "forgotten" that I have a band.  What about you?


  1. I think we have all learned what we can get away with. I know that a crunchy chip or cookie is going to slide right past and wave goodbye to the band on the way down. I am with you and need to go back to the earlier days (only months ago) and think before I eat.

  2. We all figure out how to "cheat" our band I think. I need to come to a happy medium of baby bandster rules and living day to day with the band. Still trying to figure that out.

    I have never ever forgotten that I have a band. I can't even imagine getting to that point. Weird to even think about.

  3. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    As a baby bandster, I think I'd rather be where you are than I am ;)

  4. I agree with Anonymous. lol But it's something to think about for sure!

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  6. I think that the ultimate goal with a band would be to let your mind make the involentary decisions of what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat as if you have forgotten that you have a band. I not saying that I wish I could forget that I have a band, but wish that my decisions on eating were as automatic. just keep up the good work.....

  7. I'm still a baby bandster only 2 mos in. I still follow all of your bullet points above. Glad to hear about your good restriction though!

  8. I need to go back to my baby bandster days too! I am so afraid of just a rebound and then what am I going to do? Calling my inner baby bandster!! Hope it hears me! lol

  9. I completely understand what you mean. I think though that is all part of it, you know? At the beginning, you are so desperate (or I was anyway) to change, that I did whatever I was told as best as I possibly could. Now that I'm not deperate and (gasp) happy, I'm not as apt to do things I don't want to do. I just have to keep reminding myself that just because I don't want to doesn't mean I shouldn't!!