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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Face Photos Progression

A faithful follower (wait, that sounds slightly cult-like), so let's rephrase that....an avid reader of my blog asked me to do a photo progression from pre-op to now.  So here goes:

Pre-op 250 lbs+:

220 lbs:

200 lbs:

180 lbs:

165 lbs:

150ish lbs:

Now 140s+ lbs:


  1. You continue to inspire me! and what a cute face too!

  2. If I were single...Awesome work..

  3. You are SO beautiful Karin. I bet you got the "You have such a pretty face" comment constantly when you were over weight. You are such an inspritation. Thank you for sticking around with us to share your maintenance. I'm so glad you didn't leave us!!! : )

  4. I love this! It's an amazing difference.

  5. you've inspired me. i want to do a post like this.

  6. That is GREAT!! I hope the band works for me! What an inspiration!

  7. Wow, amazing how even the last 20lbs makes such a difference in the face. You are such a cutie!

    And just like Cat, I have to say, thank you for continuing to blog in maintenance. I LOVE it! And I love your humility. Even though you've done the work, you don't spend all your time congratulating yourself. Just adds to your charm.

  8. WOW!! Thanks for sharing!