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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Results Are You Expecting From Your Band?

With a gastric band, the expected and average weight loss according to the band manufacturers is a loss of approximately 50% of excess body weight by the end of the third year post-op.

Want to see a very spiffy spreadsheet? (Source):

If I was to accept what is 'average' and 'expected' of me, then with a 50% excess body weight loss, I should weigh about 201 lbs right now.

But did I accept average for myself?  NOPE. 

Was I ready to do just was expected of me?  No freaking way.  I was ready to do MORE.

Before I was banded, I knew that I could work this band to the "results not typical" extreme.

And I did.

Did you know that I was still on my high-blood pressure medications when I weighed 201 lbs?

Here's what I looked like at 201 lbs:

Here's what I look like now (140 lbs):
What results are you expecting from YOU?


  1. Thank you so much for this post. It's exactly what I needed to hear.

  2. You are looking awesome!!!

  3. This totally relates to my last post. I told myself going in, I don't want to be average.. And that's where I'm holding now 7 months out. Time to get my rear in gear!

  4. Very cool. Love the new picture. :)

  5. I'm at 4 out from my surgery but 3 from my fills...I've lost 120 which is 10 more from 50% so I guess I'm on point. :0)

  6. bandedmommyof2December 07, 2011

    I guess I never realized this before. The statistic I was told about was that 75% of all lap band patients are able to lose the weight and I always said that I would be in that 75%! U look awesome!! Keep inspiring!

  7. I expect to be the exception, not the rule. I have already lost more than 50% in 9 mos. I only have 45 more lbs to lose to reach my goal. I anticipate being there in about 14 mos total and like you, continuing to rock maintenance and keep my weight in a healthy range for the rest of my days. I accept that there is no "done" on this ride. It will have it's ups and downs but hopefully more straight lines. : ) I fully expect to continue to exercise more days of the week than not and to maintain healthful food choices in my home 90% of the time.

    I also must say that I absolutely LOVE that picture and those boots are HOT girlfriend!

  8. First you look super cute! Lovin the boots!

    I have 16.5 lbs more to loose to get to 50% of my excess weight gone. For me I want to go over an above because I don't take having surgery lightly. Since I have this tool, I want to use it to the extreme.

    Thank you for the post!

  9. Hey Chica! Great post. I am more than 50% Yay! But that LOW more than 75% number (only 18 out of 178!!!) is depressing.

    They should break it down by age. I think its tougher for the over-40 crowd.

    You are the top 10% Way to go! Love the pic!

  10. Wow...... going by those stats (I was considered super-obese, at 5'6" tall, and 375) and losing 50% of my excess weight, I would weigh in at 265. I'm not 3 years out yet, but I'm sitting around 170.... nearly 100 pounds below that! In order to lose 100% of my excess weight, I need to lose another 16 pounds, which is what my goal weight is! Now that I've seen the chart, I'd like to see 100% by my 3rd Bandiversary....... new goal set!

  11. I expect the entire enchilada (he he), I'm going to lose it all... and then move into maintenance!
    I'm not going to stop!

  12. You dont even look like the same person!!

  13. This is exactly right! I know that to achieve my goal I have to go beyond results typical and work hard to achieve my 100% excess weight lost goal!

  14. as usual, great post! i hope to be the atleast 75 percent... i sure do need it.

  15. This statistic drives me nuts and I refuse to let that be me. I'm right at 50% right now and I still have so far to go. Glad you didn't stop at 201 and I don't plan to either! :)