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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Are You Having Your Lap Band Surgery Soon?

It seems that there's been a recent flurry of posts and activity on the blogosphere with upcoming band surgeries.  Is this because of year-end insurance deductibles or something?

I am reading your pre-op posts about FEAR.

I am reading your posts about ANXIETY of what will happen at the hospital.

I am reading between the lines that you absolutely understand that surgery is a HUGE deal.  I agree, it is a big freaking deal.  Seriously.  I get it.

In my opinion, the surgery itself and the recovery time are the most painful, yet the EASIEST parts of this entire journey.

Would you like to know what the most DIFFICULT part of the journey is for me?  Having to make good food choices each and every moment/hour/day and to make exercise a priority.  There is no "done" on this journey.  There is no finish line.  It's never-ending.

Just a few examples:
  • When at business/work lunches: I order the chicken salad while everyone else orders fettuccine Alfredo or lasagna with garlic bread....oh, and don't forget the cocktails and wine everyone's enjoying.
  • When I have to decline friend invites to hang out after work because I have to go workout.
When I had surgery, I had NO IDEA the amount of work and effort would be involved to be successful with the Lap Band. 

But do you know what else?  It's WORTH IT.


  1. It is completely worth it... and let's not forget the reality that these were lifestyle changes we had to make (eating well, working out, etc) regardless of whether we had surgery or not.

  2. SO worth it. You are right, while the surgery is in some ways physically the hardest part of the journey, I think the mental - "I've always got to be on my game, there is no done" has been the hardest mentally. It's SO worth it though, you are absolutely right.

  3. Amen! Avoiding the temptations in social situations is the HARDEST part for me, but also the most rewarding when I "win"!

  4. Absolutely worth it!! This past year since my surgery has been the most amazing (and challenging) year of my life and even though it isn't always easy it is so worth the work!!

  5. I couldn't agree more...well said!

  6. Thanks for this post!!! Rest assured I am definitely making exercise a priority. I also know it's going to be an adjustment foodwise but I'm ready for it. Glad to know this recovery phase is the easiest part though! Keen for these gas pains to go!!! Thanks LBG - you are an inspiration!

  7. Its so nice for someone like me, 5 days post op, to read your blog. And I have from beginning to end....EVERY POST!!

    What I like about your blog is the ugly truth, you don't sugar coat it, you make it known that I didn't just get a "miracle fix", that I still have to and continue to work for this.

    And I had every opportunity to change to a more aggressive surgery which would have given me some pretty immediate gratification as far as weight loss. But i chose the one that is just a tool, one that will help me in the area i have struggled the most, portion control.

    However it is so easy to read some of the blogs out there that talk about how easy it was, how the weight just fell off and they ate what they wanted. It would have been very easy to believe what they said, to get wrapped up in that and convince yourself its that it will be so easy for you too.

    But you keep it real and for those of us just starting out, it is priceless to have this kind of truth.

  8. I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate the all the care and encouragement you provided me while I went through the lapband surgery. I had always been the largest person in my family. My weight kept piling on till I got completely out of control. A friend of mine had recommended your hospital to get the surgery done. And, I am glad that I paid heed to his advice in time. You provided me not only with the best care but also with the much needed moral support. Thanks a lot.