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Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Weigh The Same As...

When I turned on the TV this morning, HBO was still on from the previous night.

I saw that a boxing show or some kind of manly type event was just starting.  I went to grab the remote to change the channel to a much more interesting channel like HGTV or Food Network.  But just then, the announcer introduced the boxers and said how much each of them weigh = 140 lbs.

Yep, I weigh the same as these two guys:
Amir on the left is 5'10"

Lamont on the right is 5'9"

Therefore, I weigh the same as a Super Lightweight Champion boxer.

At least the word "light" is in there.  Right?


  1. Now that really puts things in perspective!

    I know you are proud!

  2. I remember when I weighed MORE than many of the linebackers on professional football teams. So glad those days are over!

  3. Amazing! I'm still excited that for the first time in my life I weigh less than the man in my life. I have always been heavier than my guy, until now. : )

  4. That is great, because you know they are super fit too, just like you :o)

  5. You are so much prettier than they are! :)