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Monday, August 8, 2011

Want to Read a Hot Mess of a Blog Post?

You know that you do....just admit it.

Get ready to pick your jaw up off of the table when you read this blogger's post

I encourage you to comment on that site and give your feedback.  It's time to stir the pot!


  1. Wow. As Bugs Bunny might say, "What a maroon!" Unfortunately, intentional ignorance often can't be fixed.

  2. Pure band envy.lolz.
    I need to settle down before I write something nasty. Must think it thru and get some facts together. But just wow.
    Can you believe the two nuts jobs flaming each other?
    Thanks for bring that to our attention.
    luv my band. 75 down. all comorbidities gone

  3. I just left my comments on the blog. Thanks for posting!

  4. I was so annoyed reading all that until I got to the sanity of our dear Steph. Yes, thank you for posting.

    I do understand people having misconceptions about WLS. I certainly did until I started my research! But it blows my mind how you can advocate against something you obviously don't know much about.

  5. She made me want to bitch slap her through the screen...

  6. ya know, it isn't for everyone and if she is happy with the way she feels than good for her. Thankfully for those of us that do have health issue and don't like the way we feel there are options.

    To each their own.

  7. Ugh. I commented: "I got my lap band NOT because of vanity. I got it because I was suffering from severe sleep apnea, meralgia paresthetica, osteoarthritis of the knees (at 34 years old), and severe PCOS, which prevented me from losing weight. I had dieted for years and years and needed to do something. A year and a half and 90 pounds later, I feel amazing. My sleep apnea is completely gone. The meralgia paresthetica is 80% improved. I can run and jump and play and dance. There's nothing ok with being 5'2" and almost 300 pounds."

  8. Where did the link to blog go? You have me wanting to read it!

  9. I love her !!! Finally the voice of reason.

  10. Amazing how some folks really haven't got a clue. Thanks for the article LBG.

  11. I added a comment after she basically said I should have cured my co-morbidities in other ways, "The meralgia was literally caused by my fat pressing on a nerve. The other common cause of that condition is by wearing too-tight jeans constantly. The only non-weight-loss way I could have cured it was by snipping the nerve so I would still have the numbness, but less pain. The sleep apnea was from my neck fat strangling me. I could have used a CPAP machine for the rest of my life, but that sucked. I'm sorry if it's not what us fatties like to hear (I certainly didn't like it 90 pounds ago, and I still have a way to go) but my life is 1000 times better now than it was before. The people in my life were awesome at every weight (especially my darling husband, who did not want me to have surgery and met me when I was 232 pounds and married me way up in the 260's) but even my husband admits that he prefers the new me because I'm more fun, less tired, and I can keep up, ride roller coasters, go running, and...other things that are no one's business. I LOVE my band and don't regret surgery for a second."

  12. WOW!!!! Love the comments. Y'all are amazing and such and inspiration to this newbie. I was very cautious when I make the decision to get the band. I researched and researched and researched. I blew the psychologist away with all my info. :) he kept saying, "you're making my job too easy". ha ha, needless to say, he approved me going with the surgery. Two more things to do and then we send it all to the insurance. I am looking at early to mid Oct. ha ha, happy birthday to me. :) ok, back to this post. I for one have come to realize that I ONLY lose weight if I keep my calories at around 1000 a day and exercise. I cannot do this on my own. I am about to starve. I try and make wise choices and eat extra veggies and such, but I struggle so badly. Also, I was VERY particular about what doc I looked for. I found an office her in NC that specializes in WLS. They are VERY thorough and will deny me if they see anything that will cause complications. I saw this with my own eyes. They are a Center of Excellence and my insurance gives them a high rating. I have a friend that struggles with her band and now I know why. She had stomach issues already and should never have gotten the band....but her doctor (who does everything) doesn't care and is in it for the $$. Had she gone thru the testing I am going thru, she would have been denied. My point, this is up to each person...very personal thing and each person needs to do their own extensive research. um, and there are risk with ANYTHING...including getting your tonsils out.


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