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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Do You Know That You're Successful?

As I mentioned on the Facebook page earlier this week, I had a fabulous opportunity to meet with soon-to-be bandster, Sprinkles**, this past weekend. 

Sprinkles had a lot of great questions and we even explored the grocery store aisles together, checking out all the band-friendly food choices.  I was so proud to see her show up to our meetup with her lists and binders...gotta love another A-type personality bandster!

Sure, we talked about all the tools that are important to a successful weight loss journey with the band: food tracking/journaling, exercise, attending support group, vitamins, and of course MINDSET....80% mental game with the band in my opinion, damn it...sigh.  Still waitin' on that surgery for our brains.

But I feel that the most important thing that we discussed was setting a long term goal that was measurable.

I chose very scale-oriented goals for myself when I was pre-op...'cuz that's how I roll. I've already admitted to my scale whore tendencies....just accept it.

My main long term goal was to lose 100 lbs, which I did achieve at 10+ months post-op.  I also set incremental goals at each 10 lbs lost.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to check out those goals.

By achieving those goals, I knew that I was successful.

I mentioned to Sprinkles that her goals didn't have to be scale oriented: Perhaps no longer requiring a certain type of medication for an obesity related comorbidity? Resolving a health issue (diabetes, etc). Being able to walk for 30 minutes without having to stop and rest? Fitting into a certain size of pants? 

What goals have you set for yourself to know that you are successful?

Onwards to the link love.  There are so many examples of success out there in the blogosphere...here are just a few that have reached major milestones today:
  • Jacquie has reached her goal weight today. Congrats!
  • Sarah is celebrating her 1 year bandiversary today!
  • Melissa is having surgery today!
**Not her real name (duh)...I like food names...mmmkkaaayy?


  1. Thanks LBG. This is great advice. I always read the goals that bloggers have set, but I never thought I should do that. Especially since I don't have a goal weight. However, the idea of goals based on things that you desire or what to do is great.

    I guess I need to e-mail Jen and have her help me set up a goal page for the blog.

    Thanks for sharing. Sprinkles is one lucky bandster. I wish everyone had a bandster to go to the store with them and answer questions when they first start out.

  2. I was pretty numbers-focused too. Every 10 pounds was a big deal until I got closer to goal.. then every pound was a small victory! But, my "pro" list was a great list of milestone goals that I achieved on that road.. things like fitting better on planes, not having my legs rub together when I walked (i.e. no more hosiery noise!), etc.

    If you think Sprinkles might find it helpful, you can give her this link -- http://chroniclesfrombandland.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html. The first two posts have some info that I think would be great for a bandster-to-be to think over. Also.. tell her to take before photos and her measurements ASAP!!

  3. I love your post. Setting goals is so important and they should be measurable in my opinion as well. I try not to get to wrapped up in my scale, because I become obsessed and then the tiny fluctuations ruin my mood. But I so understand it!

    I love your blog and your success!

  4. I set all kinds of goals: scale, size, about food and especially for fitness. The more small things I can achieve, the more I realize how far I come!

    I often get frustrated that I haven't lost that 100 pounds yet. But then I'm able to do push ups or run 2 miles and I realize that the scale isn't the only thing. Good post!

  5. Yep, I have to agree with Beth Ann, setting fitness goals is one of my bigger indicators of how far I've come. I've been banded 21 weeks today and I have graduated from a 3lb weight lifted 10 times to a 12lb weight that I lift 15 times 3 times in a row! :)