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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does Practice Make Perfect?

No way.

That saying: "Practice makes perfect" annoys me.  There is no "perfect."  The idea that there is no perfect has been a HUGE lesson for me to learn, but I'm finally getting it through my head.

But I do know: whatever I am practicing, I am getting better at.

If I continue the practice of hitting up Starbucks every day for my vanilla bean frappuccinos, then I'm getting better at defeating this tool of mine called the Lap Band.

If I practice choosing protein first at my meals, then I know that I'm getting better at being successful with maintaining my weight.

If I practice making exercise a priority each day, then I'm getting better at improving my heart health and building muscle.

What are you practicing and getting better at? I wanna know.


  1. Unfortunately: I've been practicing eating a lot of salty food. Bah. Brings very discouraging numbers at the scale.
    Today I will practice something different. Thinking it through! Of course, whenever you visit my blog, I am sure I will spill the beans about it... :-)

  2. Great Post !!!

    We are all stuck on wanting perfection. I agree there is no such thing. But there are Good and Bad habits.

    Sounds like you have just what it takes to maintain your truly remarkable success that you have achieved with the LapBand.

  3. Great post! I am getting better at being gentle with myself. That "all or nothing" type mentality that so many of us have is a vicious circle.
    When I make a less healthy choice, I don't beat myself up. I just promise myself that I will do better next time. When I have a small victory, I enjoy it and celebrate.

  4. Yes ! Even though the scale isn't moving like it used to just that I am doing what I'm suppose to (you can teach an old dog new tricks !!) makes me feel good. Thanks for the reminder !

  5. I like it! There is no perfect..just getting better at the right choices or the wrong ones. :) Thanks!

  6. There is no perfect.... Only practice...
    i practice every day, to try and make good... food, exercise, word and action choices

    I hear people say "its the thought that counts". NO!!!!
    Its the actions that count and they take practice!!!

  7. My first singing teacher always said "Practice makes PERMANENT". The more you repeat something, the more it becomes ingrained as a habit...both good and bad. This post shows good insight...and I feel like there must be a way to make those Vanilla Bean Frap's lighter...there must! I work there, so I'll look into ,ok? I understand the attraction - I had to switch from my Cinnamon Dolce Lattes with whip to tall non fat lattes, in order to keep myself on track! Now my CDL's are only a treat...

  8. Eating lunch at my desk is getting easier. I've met my goal of only eating out for 2 lunches per week for 3 weeks in a row.

  9. I'm practicing running and so far this week I've gotten better (5 mins to 6 mins) Yay!

    Thanks for the reminder there is no perfect.