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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BOOBs 2011 Fun Facts!

I see that this questionnaire is being passed around among the BOOBs attendees.  It's my turn!
How did you pick your blog name?
I originally wanted it to be Lap Band GIRL, but some chick was already using that blogspot name/address. Then I thought about Lap Band B*tch...but didn't want to be known as the potty mouth bandster, so I improvised and went with Gal.  Original, I know.  My creativity abounds.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging under Lap Band Gal in October 2009, about a week prior to surgery.

Theme of blog (weight loss, family, circus clowns, sci-fi, erotica, fly fishing, doll collecting, star wars, etc)?
All about living with the Lap Band and now with some added perspective on weight maintenance.

Did you go to BOOBs 2010?
Absolutely! It was amazing to meet so many fun ladies who were going through similar issues and challenges with weight loss and the band. 
One of my most memorable moments from BOOBs 2010? A bunch of us were eating breakfast after the 5K and two fellow BOOBs had to excuse themselves to the ladies room to PB....and I kinda wanted to follow them in there to see what this PB issue is all about.  I've only seen one bandster PB (Thank you Amy, a truly great experience standing in front of Macy's in Union Square in San Francisco...a rather public performance...bravo!)

When were you banded?
October 20, 2009

How much have you lost?
115 lbs.

What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs?
I can't wait to reconnect with last year's attendees as well as meet all the new bandsters.  Also, I plan on some serious SHOPPING! I live in podunk middle of nowhere Oregon.  A girl can only do so much online shopping.

What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011?
Getting away for a long weekend away from podunk middle of nowhere Oregon.

Children? Pets?
1 cat named Pemberley.  As the saying goes, "If I wanted to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I would put shoes on my cat."

Who is your roomie?
Stephanie from Electric Lady Band.  I can't wait to see Steph again! I last saw her in April when I was in Florida getting ready to go on a cruise.  We originally met at last year's BOOBs.

What day do you arrive?

What airport/flight/time?
2pm-ish at ORD...gonna ride the EL train to the hotel again like last time....and probably get lost again like last time.  Good times.

What events are you signed up for?
The Friday meet and greet, the Second City comedy show, Saturday dinner, and still thinking about whether I will participate in the Jazzercise class.

Travel, travel, travel...wait...did I say travel? Oh, and cruising too.

Is this a yes or no question? Yes, i've got one...i think.

Single? Married? In a relationship?
Single and ready to mingle.

Your birthday month?
January (Capricorn)

What do you want other BOOBs to know about you?
I can be bribed with sugar cookies.  Yum.


  1. Yay a fellow Capricorn! My Bday is 12/31 :)

  2. I will never forget that breakfast after the 5k. I was just so amazed that you had NEVER gotten stuck :) I'm really looking forward to seeing you again!!

  3. Bake sugar cookies to bribe LBG....check!

  4. Mmm, sugar cookies. :)

  5. I'm January too but Aquarius. :)

  6. LOL .. literally with the 'if I wanted to hear the pitter patter of little feet' comment ... I love it !

  7. I *heart* Pemberley. Have a blasty this year lady...and take pics!!

  8. Love it! Can't wait to be your roomie. :-)

  9. Fun to read, all this boobs talk makes me want to go-- but I will live vicariously through the blogs....enjoy.

  10. You are so sweet! I cannot wait to meet you!