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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Fill or Not To Fill?

Beth Ann just did a great post about whether she needs a fill or not.

I am having the exact same thoughts as I have a fill scheduled for Tuesday next week.  

Before I get into my reasons for or against the fill, keep in mind that the nurse practitioner who does my fills (Hi Reeger!) reads my blog...and you know how us bandsters know the "right" and "perfect" things to convince those medical professionals to give us our fills.  From the stories that I've read about on the blogs, some of us should be in used car sales with our skills of negotiation. 

If I did get a fill, I would NOT be asking for a "Big Girl Fill"...but rather .2 or .3 ccs.  Just a tweak.

Reasons for a fill:
  • I'm getting hungry after about 2.5 hours (eating 3 oz lean protein). This is my main reason.
  • I can knock back a Small Nutter Butter Blizzard in 15 minutes flat.  Not a good reason. :-(
  • I feel like I've never really used this tool to it's full potential in regards to restriction
  • I've NEVER PB'd or been stuck. I'm 21 months post-op. I still wonder what I'm missing out on. I know that it hurts like a mo' fo'...just curious.
  • My surgeon's office is 3+ miles away. I could easily get an unfill (just another $125 appt fee..sigh). Another bad reason.
Reasons not to fill:
  • I like being able to eat everything that may be available (Work dinners/BBQs/parties/traveling/etc). 
  • I don't want to be someone who is constantly double-checking where the bathroom is at a restaurant just in case I need to make a run for it and PB.
  • I'm trying to maintain, not lose.  Not sure about this reason...
So, what do you think? Help a bandster out here...fill or no fill?

PS: all time low on the scale again this morning...138 lbs and the jeans were kinda loser than usual this morning...


  1. You seem to be doing great.... You might not need it. Maybe tweak it and try it. I'm a newbie so I am not help :)

  2. The number one reason to get a fill is between meal hunger. If you are feeling hungry between meals and you know it's not head hunger, I say get the fill. You're in maintenance, but the band is a life long exercise in adjustment. If you get a tweak and it's too much, have it removed. If you are self pay and can get by with a healthy snack between meals, I may even recommend not getting one. I think the "full bandster" experience of PB is not a good reason, though this may have just been for chuckles. If you aren't self pay and your insurance pays for adjustments. Get a tweak and see how you feel. If it gets you back in your green zone. Excellent!

  3. When was the last time you got a fill? I was just reading up on the Realize and Lap-Band websites that both gastric bands experience "seepage" in which the saline just naturally leaks out little-by-little, and it is expected that band patients will get yearly "tweaks" by their doctors. If it has been a while, you might just need a little "tweak" naturally. I think that if you are thinking about it you should wait another week or two. if you still find that you can eat things that you "shouldn't" be able to with a properly filled band, then go get it topped off. There's no rush. (But my gut tells me "get it done!")

  4. Wish I could help you out, but I'm so lost on the fill or not to fill part of this band that it's not even funny.
    My opinion though is that you are doing fantastic. The old saying: "If it ain't broke"... comes to mind. Maybe just up your solid protein to 4oz. That's still only 1/2 a cup.

  5. I'm with Jen...if it ain't broke. :) Obviously everone is different and what YOU need is totally up to YOU! But trust me, you don't want to push yourself to experience being stuck. Ha! Especially if you are below your goal weight.

    If I were at my goal and maintaining, I wouldn't even be considering a fill right now. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  6. I just got 0.5 taken out and I feel much better already. Water no longer hurts going down. yay! Believe me, as someone who's gotten sick ALL week, you're not missing anything. NOTHING... NOT A THING!

  7. If you're trying to maintain and you are still losing, I don't think you need a fill. This week is the first time I am getting stuck on everything but mushies and it SUCKS. I'm with the ladies above in "if it ain't broke..."

  8. Karin, I would say to wait another week maybe to see if things change. If by chance you start to gain weight or are eating everything in site, you can always call sooner. You do not want to experience a PB. It is so uncomfortable! I waited 2 weeks before I decided to get a fill. Glad I did cause I'm down a couple of pounds already!

  9. I have trouble tolerating any fills right now, so I would be a no voter.


  10. Do not fill! You are doing great and you have this thing totally figured out. Going down the fill/unfill/PB/reflux road is NOT the way to go.

  11. Are you sure about the unfill fee? I know with my surgeon in Fl, if you come back for an unfill within a weeks time there is no further charge. You are doing great maintaining. I would say don't go in, but if your hunger level is not what you like, that is up for you to decide.

  12. You are maintaining beautifully and have no symptoms or complications from your band. I understand hunger, but you are clearly managing it. I say if you start to struggle or gain a couple pounds then consider a fill. I say keep maintaining and being a rockstar!

  13. Mmmkkaayy - I gots no answers cuz I gots not lap band BUT I wanted you to know I was here and I read......xoxo

  14. I wouldn't do it if I were you...you are still losing.

  15. No, no, no. Stay where you are. You can get into a bad cycle of overfilling/being swollen from throwing up (which is MISERABLE)/ unfill/ too loose/overfill/swollen... It can be really tough to find the green zone. If you're anywhere near it and maintaining your weight, stay where you are. Really.

  16. I'd say wait and watch. Despite the hunger you are not gaining weight... if you were gaining and couldn't get a hold of yourself, I'd say go in and discuss a fill.
    But for the time being: I'd stay where you're at, unless you are suffering and fighting against constant cravings and seeking food all the time.
    I hope this helps...

  17. You are doing so well! And the PBing......well, you aren't missing anything fun! I go with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" way of thinking!

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  19. I will tell you it does not sound like you need a fill. But that is personal preference. It is hell being too tight. I will tell you that. It seems to be working for you just the way you are so I would say NO!

  20. I agree with waiting. If hunger/snacking between meals becomes an issue, then go for it.

    What's an extra couple of weeks in the whole scheme of things. You have done a fantastic job!