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Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Gain Three Pounds in Three Days With the Lap Band

Just another friendly reminder to those who may not know...the Lap Band is not the "Easy Button."  I wish it was....sigh. 
The scale reported that I was up 3...THREE...pounds this morning.  I totally saw that coming.

I've just had a fun and food-filled three day weekend.  I pretty much ate my way through it.  If a food was in front of me, I ate it.  That's why I keep my food pantry and fridge stocked with pretty boring and healthy foods.  No temptations.

There were lots of yummy temptations this weekend.

I also thrive...BIG TIME...on routine.  My routine was off so off I went and ate foods that were not good choices.  Who needs protein when you can eat cookies.

Lastly, I need to stop it with the vanilla bean frappuccinos.  Those bad boys are my kryptonite.  The end.
PS: Thank you all for your comments on the dress post...sounds like the red one is the winner! 


  1. ha!!!
    add some protein powder to that frap! I did that after a fill two weeks ago. Chocolate Coconut and my goodness it was heaven!

  2. Yay- that red dress was totally hot.
    Isn't it nice to know that even though you let yourself go off routine for the weekend, that you can get right back on it now? In the past, one bad weekend meant I had failed. Now it means that I just had a bad weekend.
    You taught me that.

  3. Amen to what Robyn said! Food is now and will forever be my nemesis. At least I have a super-hero tool to fight it with now.

  4. Love your honesty! Love your attitude ! Love that I want to roller skate everytime I see your blog :)

  5. This is totally how I have been too! I think that I have seen a substantial change and so I think I have a free pass now. Time to get back on track

  6. Starbucks is my kryptonite too!!!! You are so accountable to yourself.....I love that!

  7. Just goes to show you that absolutely no one is perfect. Honestly, I think about you when I want to cheat. I wonder, "what would Karin think". Sometimes it helps me to get a grip!

  8. See? This is exactly why I'm so very glad you have stuck around to share your maintenance with us too. I am so very grateful to know that even our dear LBG can see the scale up after a delish and fun filled weekend, but it's not a deal breaker. I'm sure Zumba and Jazzercise are in your week as well as more healthful eating. :) Thank you!!

  9. Hi there! I am relatively new to blogger and am just now figuring out how to leave comments and all of that fun stuff. i am not sure if I have left a comment on your page or not because i started following so many people at once that i am trying to get everyone straight, but i wanted to thank you for your blog and the great info! super inspiring!

    i will never be 139 as i am 5'10, but here's hoping i make my goal someday (or *gasp* blow past it)! I am a friend of Ronnie's as we were banded on the same day!

    Dr. J

  10. Mmm, vanilla bean frap... *drool*

  11. Oh my, take away my routine and I'm so lost!

  12. How good did that Vanilla Bean thing look?-I do realise that wasn't the point ,but it sure made me want to try one-Calorie value??