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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Local Food Pusher Has Struck Again!

Do you have a food pusher in your life?

I do.  The only thing worse that a food pusher is a food cop.  It's funny how people NEVER used to push food on me when I was a fatty.

My food pusher is one of the sweet little old ladies who works in the cafeteria.  Let's just say her name is "Cupcake."
Here's how today's food push went down:

I was on my usual trip to the cafeteria to refill my water bottle. 

One of my all time favorite things to do during my water fetching, is to take an occasional stroll past the case of freshly baked cookies.  If I can't eat them, I want to at least take a quick glance at them...damn it.  Call it torture, but I do it every day.

Anyways, as I pass the lunch counter area today, Cupcake announces to me that she makes the best coleslaw...ever. I say mindlessly back at her "Is that so?" and I keep walking. That was a tragic error of a comment. 

She then feels the need to prove the point. 

She takes a HUGE tablespoon scoop of the drippy coleslaw from the coleslaw bucket, leans over the sneeze guard glass partition, and hands me the spoon to watch me eat it.  And since I am a card carrying member of the People Pleaser Brigade, I eat it all up. 

Let me tell you, that's a lot of roughage for one bandster to take on in one bite.  I chewed for a really long time and then agreed with a smile that she makes yummy coleslaw.

She then announces that her secret ingredient is SUGAR....sigh.


  1. Ah, hell. That's just mean.

  2. I hope the coleslaw was at least tasty. : (
    I don't yet have a food pusher (thank god) but have to think about how things may change as I continue to shrink.

  3. Satan's little helper!! LOL

  4. There ain't nothing sweet about Cupcake. She is a devil woman.

  5. Cupcake probably thinks you need fattening up. I would probably look at the cookies too. Since you mentioned it, I have to say I really dislike the people who ask me if I'm "allowed" to eat something. Yes, indeed I am. Just watch me.

  6. I agree with Caron...lol you skinny thing. I think you handled that well.

  7. I'm not really sure if I have a pusher...I might be the pusher. Oopsie! Need to work on that.

  8. Is it possible for the pusher to be the cop too? Im thinking my mom is that person. Hmm...

  9. I have a food pusher AND a food police. However - mine are one in the same. She's a baker, and an excellent cook. She brings something new to work every week, then gets upset if I dont partake. The WORST part... she had RNY 7 years ago, and knows my limitations being a band patient. Rude. Just Rude.