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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Playing in the Land of Maintenance

I realized something last night during my surgeon's support group. It was an epiphany.  Like a big brick hit me across my noggin.  Yeah, I said noggin.  Sometimes it takes the big bricks to get me to realize some pretty obvious things.

This "big brick" of a message was actually said by our support group leader (Hi Mark!)

Here's how it went down:

After showing the newbies my before photo of when I was a fatty and giving them my 30 second summary about how I lost 111+ lbs in 14 months....blah blah blah, I continued to carry on about how I love to on occasion enjoy a Dairy Queen Chocolate Brownie Blizzard or how last Saturday I inhaled half of a (big) bag of Maui onion potato chips.

The newbies in the room who haven't had surgery yet looked at me like I had just grown horns and was speaking in tongues.

Mark quickly interrupted me and said something like this (I'm paraphrasing) "she's in a different phase now...maintenance....she gets to play a little." 

That's the big brick.  I get to "play a little" now with my food choices.  And do you know what? I completely agree.  This is soooooo true! 

Sure, I still keep an eye on my food choices and make exercise a priority just like when I was losing, but there's no way I would I would eat the "extras" that I do now when I was losing.  I was a woman on a mission with some serious determination when I was losing.

So, when you see me talking about my occasional unhealthy food choices, please remember that I am in MAINTENANCE and eating foods that I NEVER ATE when I was losing.  Maintenance is a little different of a game than losing, similar yet different.

I am still learning about the craziness of maintenance...it sure is an interesting place to be. I can't wait for more of you to join me and "play a little" in the land of maintenance.

PS: I saw an all time low this morning on the scale...140.1...crazy!  We'll see what happens on Friday's official weigh-in.


  1. I ate occasional "treats" all the way down, in moderation just like I do now.

  2. Gee I guess I better stop with the snacks until I too get to play. Ouch I just got that brick in the noggin. Thanks

  3. They "looked at me like I had just grown horns and was speaking in tongues" Ha ha You were confusing the poor things. You are doing a great job and what would life be without the occasional treat? Dull, I'm telling you!

  4. I can definitely see why they would look at you that way! I enjoy a treat every now and again, but I still have 45 pounds to goal.

  5. Great epiphany! Also, a good reminder that we shouldn't "play" until we are at maintenance. And I think "play" is different from making a mistake or cheating. I've read your blog from beginning to present more than once, and you weren't perfect (no one is), but you didn't allow yourself to "play."

    I learn more and more from you all the time. :) Keep blogging!

  6. I really appreciate your honesty. Both with the potato chips and flat-out reminding us how hard your worked and now that you can 'play a little'. Sounds like a good group ... my support group (thru the doc) stinks ... so I read blogs !

  7. You are so good and so determined, or I should say whilst you were in your losing weight phase. Probably why I can't get rid of my last 16 odd kg's. I'm 'playing' to much. Although I am not eating any differently to how I have through my whole weight loss journey. I think the big thing is I need to increase my exercise. I did some at 4.30 this morning lol. Do I get extra credit for that (I wish weight loss worked that way)

  8. Not to say you aren't determined now btw. Sorry if that came across wrong. I just meant how determined and hard working you were to lose the weight.

  9. You know, I am having band amnesia. People ask me what I ate when I was losing and I can't remember! BC yes, now I eat what I want (for the most part) to maintain my goal, as long I work out. And it's hard for me to remember when I didnt used to eat so freely. Like, I vaguely remember beating myself up if I were to eat cookies or something. I need to go back and read in my blog I guess. I do remember in Chicago when I went to trader joes and bought a bag of chocolate chip cookies and didnt think much of it and some new bandsters were looking at me like "whhhhaaat?"

  10. Yep, I'm like Amanda K - I eat occasional planned treats even during the losing process. I find that I'll take a slightly slower pace if it means I can enjoy the journey a bit more. I'm so proud of you though!

  11. I'm with Amanda on this one. Having reached my goals, there have been very few times in the last 6 months where i have flat out denied myself anything. Over the last 16 months I have learned how my body works and that I can have food that I enjoy, I just can't eat them in portions I used to. I've changed my lifestyle, not just my eating habits...it just goes to show that we are all different!

  12. Perfect point! I think that was my issue that I started eating as if I was in maintenance before I really wanted to stop losing weight. Which is why it was time for me to refocus. Great post!

  13. Hi There!

    Came across your blog as I was doing some googling this morning. I have my Lap Band consult tomorrow and I dont know anyone that has one so I figured I would reach out to read people's stories. You have done AMAZING! I have only read a few of your entries but I am excited to read more!
    I started a blog too:
    There isnt much there yet but I hope to have a lot to share eventually as you have!