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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Band

A really good question was just posted on the Facebook page.

Arlene says: "I go to a meeting on Thursday night to learn about this (the band). Can anybody give me the good, bad, and the ugly about this? Why would I NOT want to do it?"

I responded directly to Arlene on the FB page that she should go to the seminar/meeting and learn all that she can about the band and ask questions.  I also told her that the band isn't a quick fix and that a lot of work would still be needed on her part (exercise, good food choices, etc).

Here's what I would add, in my opinion:
  • Good: I stay full longer with less food. I have resolved all of my health issues (high blood pressure, etc) with the 111 lbs weight loss!  I wear size 6 jeans and size small tops! I'm not so tired anymore. My back doesn't hurt in the morning.  My feet aren't in pain and swollen at the end of the day. I could go on and on about the "good."
  • Bad: the band doesn't control my head hunger...when are they going to come out with a surgery that fixes our brain.  Seriously.  Also, that I can eat and eat and eat slider foods (ice cream, cookies, chips, etc).  The band does not limit my intake of those foods.
  • Ugly: Perhaps the dreaded PB (productive burp) or being stuck? Not sure, as I have not yet experienced this, yet.
What would you say in response to Arlene's question?  What are the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of having a band?

Why would she NOT want to get a band?

Bandsters, please comment here or stop on over at the Facebook page and comment.  Thanks.


  1. I don't know if I think there is anything ugly about the band and I have had a port relocation and fill taken out because I couldn't even keep water down. I think there is good and bad.

    Good - all the reasons you listed and I would add that I have never been so in tune with my body and health. I like feeling in control of that.

    Bad - again, when are they going to develop a surgery for our brains? I think the bad is the fact that there can be a big stigma with the band, I struggle with that sometimes.

  2. The bad may also include rare complications too like Jen had where her band eroded into her stomach and she had to have it removed.

    And stuck is no fun, it happened to me once already and then a just stuck, no sliming happened last night at dinner. It is painful but not disasterous and usually happens closer to TOM when I'm tighter.

    The Good - far too many to list here, the 44 lbs I've lost, the hunger control on only 1C of food, knowing that this is my life now and I've finally made the life style changes that every other diet program I have been on stresses. I can do this. I love my band!

  3. I love your responses LBG. I would add that you have to be mentally ready to work hard. That's not really good, bad, or ugly, just true.

  4. Your responses covered a lot of what I would say, thought I am still a newbie banded only on June 30th. I had a hard time finding negative sides myself. I was so worried nothing would work since no diets seem to have been worked for me in the past. I was delighted to have lost 16lbs already and in blogging my own journey I have been trying to assess what I would have liked to know before I made the decision to go forward! It is a personal decision, and that should be the more important!

  5. I think the ugly would be when you have serious complications like a slip, or worse erosion (like me). The ugly is when your band gets taken away(completely unfilled or removed) and you don't get to be the one who makes that choice. Then you really have to deal with some serious emotions and try to continue moving forward at the same time (and believe me- it is hard). If I knew then what I know now (that I would only have my band for just under 2 years), I'm still positive I would have gotten my band. It really has changed my relationship with food and eating in so many positive ways, and I don't think that is something good about the band, that is definitely the BEST about the band. :)

  6. You answered her questions well! I would've said the same.

    My personal experience...

    The good - being able to lose 100+ lbs, and become healthy!

    The bad - I agree with the head hunger, and also having to put in "work". I dreaded that part, but I've since become a bit of a gym rat, and use it as my daily "outlet" from reality.

    The ugly - stuck episodes, and/or vomiting from taking too big of a bite, swallowing too quickly and not chewing all the way. Even after 2 1/2 years post op I'm still learning and everything I have to make conscious decisions.

    Take Care!!


  7. The good: not being hungry all the time. And not binging because everything sounds so delicious. And my reduced food bill.

    The bad: The head hunger...I definitely understand when others talk about eating even though they weren't really hungry. I'm sure I did this pre-band, too...but now it is so much more obvious when I grab something to eat just because it is there or because it sounds tasty even though I'm not even a little hungry. I still have to fight this.

    The uggly: This isn't a reason NOT to get the band...but the saggy neck skin is ugly. I'm sure this has to do with my age but I hate it. I've started looking into a variety of plastic surgeries. I never used to care about this stuff...but a chicken waddle? Really? No...I need a neck lift.

    This is the first comment I've attempted since I've read so many complaints about comments not working. I now see what everyone was talking about. I hope this goes through. :( I've resorted to changing browsers!

  8. I'd say the bad or ugly can happen for people who think the surgery is the magic bullet. The surgery is not going to make you skinny and change all your habits. If you (like my BFF) go into it thinking you're still going to be able to eat all your favorite foods like bread, pasta, rice, etc. then this is not the thing for you.
    That's about it though, I think the GOOD's are way better than the bad and ugly!

  9. Good- it (usually) works, less invasive/dangerous than other WLS options.
    Bad- it is not bad for me, but there is more maintenance required with the band, monthly follow ups, fills, unfills, etc. Slower WL than with other options (and probably more work on behalf of the person trying to lose)
    Ugly- PBs, stuck.