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Monday, July 11, 2011

"Knowledge Does Not Yield Behavior"

This is my new favorite quote. 

You likey? 

A very wise woman said this quote to me on the night 4th of July. 

While we waited patiently for the ferry to take us back across the San Francisco Bay after the fireworks show, she shared with me how this is a common quote in her field of health education.  I love how me just losing weight encourages others to speak up and have conversations with me about health.  That never would have happened when I was obese.  They now tell me quotes and stories of others who have been successful with their weight loss and health journeys.

I did a quick Google search and there's no information on who originally said this quote.

My interpretation of this quote: just because we know what we should be doing, doesn't mean we are going to do it and change our behaviors. 

In regards to my own weight loss and being healthy: just because I have some book-smarts, street-smarts, and a college-degreed brain, doesn't mean I'm going to always make good behavior choices to maintain my 111 pound weight loss.

I know that I should exercise at least 30+ minutes each day, but putting that thought into action and going to Jazzercise after work is the challenge.

I know that I should make good high protein/low-calorie food choices each day, but putting that thought into action and choosing a Greek yogurt for breakfast and not PB&J on toast is the struggle.

I know that I should not eat an entire Dairy Queen Chocolate Brownie Lovers Blizzard, but putting that thought into a behavior of NOT hitting up the drve-thru tonight is the real test for me.

Question for you: How do you overcome your occassional unhealthy food choices or lack of exercise behaviors?  How do you get your brain in the right place to be successful?  I want to know.


  1. I look down, and realize the view is awesome without a belly in my way..

  2. I think the motivator for me besides blog world and other people's successes is my own success. My 44 lbs gone forever and never coming back. I know that allowing myself an occasional treat (like that DQ blizzard!) is perfectly fine way to live the rest of my life because what's life if we don't have ice cream sometimes!! But it's also a behavior I would have indulged in every couple of days (if not every day) pre-band. As for exercise, it's just part of my weekly routine now like getting up and brushing teeth. I know that no matter how I'm feeling that even a short workout will make me feel better if I'm down in the dumps. It's a mood lifter for me.

  3. When I first started going to my current therapist for my food addiction, 2 years before WLS, I told him I had every self help book out there and every diet book and I still couldn't get it together. He told me, "you can't solve a feeling based problem (like food addiction) with a knowlege based answer." Very wise! I'm struggling to stay motivated right now, so I'm going to refrain from answering that one!

  4. Great quote. I try to take things one minute, hour, day at a time. If you make a mistake move past it don't let it ruin your entire day. Eating that piece of chocolate does not give you a free pass for the rest of the day.

  5. Great quote! Gives me something to think about. I am a schedule person so I try and schedule working out in. I need to fnd partners to workout with so they hold me accountable. I generally do my best to eat ralthy but there are those days that we all have where we don't want to... like right now, I really want sugar, so I am reading inspiring blogs to keep me on track. Or I drink more water. Just take it day by day, even meal by meal sometimes!

  6. Amen to the PB&J! I look at them EVERY DAY and want one. I instead have my Fage 0% yogurt... Every day...

  7. I'm going to come back to this one and keep looking at the answers....because i'm in that 'bad' place right now where all I want is junk to eat. i know i shouldn't...but I do anyway. UGH!

  8. Definitely a great quote and its probably something I need to hear now. After a few months of blowing off what I should be doing, I'm realizing now I did this surgery for a reason. Time to get on track again. Its a struggle still.

  9. I dont "overcome" those little speedbumps along my journey. I chalk it up to reality. It's not realistic to ALWAYS say no to that cookie, or cake, or french fries, etc. Moderation, at least for me is the key. I don't deprive myself. Instead of getting the medium blizzard, I'd get the mini.. or better yet, a chocolate soft serve cone instead.

    But - I must say I DO love the quote!!


  10. Just say no Jaclyn... Its food then its poop...

  11. Actually, I have so much to say I think I'll blog about it...

  12. I am not as far along this path, but for me the occasional issue is not THE issue. As long as I make good decisions most of the time, I am going to be in good shape. I keep myself in line by looking at how much weight I have lost (75 lbs, how much I still need to lose (another 75-90 lbs) and how much I am working out every week (450 minutes). I am fine with a little splurge like a glass of wine, but I refuse to negate 100 minutes of exercise for something that is not that good- like a pint of ice cream.

  13. I forgive myself occasional lapses. I don't beat myself up about it. I just make a better choice the next time.

  14. I don't make any foods 'off limits' any more. We set ourselves up for certain failure when we say "Oh, I can never have that again". I figure my band helps me to have small amounts of what I'd like. I also try to plan for treats when I know they will be available, meaning be super careful all day and get in some good exercise before heading to a party or out for ice cream. that way there's less guilt and I can actually ENJOY the treat.

  15. I have to make myself exercise then I feel better all day about NOT eating foods that are "off limit." I agree with Amanda, it's all about choices.

    I have many pounds to lose and am a newcomer on this blog. I'm learning from all of you,especially "LapBand Gal." Although I haven't had a lapband I am trying to make better choices to get my weight down. Sometimes it seems like a losing battle.