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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Cabana Boys - My Lap Band Goes on Vacation

Sometimes I wonder if my lap band goes on vacation.  You know...to some tropical island where little umbrella drinks are served by hot cabana boys who have names like "Rico" and "Stephan".

When my band goes "on vacation" A.K.A I have reduced restriction (for whatever reason), I can eat all kinds of garbage.  A big ol' poppy seed muffin for breakfast? Absolutely!  An entire plate of nachos? Sure, why not.

But then when my band is on full time restriction duty, I can get the feeling like I might have my first stuck episode on Greek yogurt (this happened last night).

This band is tricky!

Therefore, I try to have visual and physical reminders of my healthy lifestyle that keep my food choices in check when my band is off on vacation or when I just need reminding of the HUGE decision that I made to get a Lap Band:
  • My medical alert bracelet that says I have a gastric band.  I always wear it if I am out of the house, which is pretty often. Anytime I pick up food with my left hand, that bracelet is there reminding me of the band inside me.  It also seems to be an occasional conversation starter, which causes me to talk about my band, which therefore reinforces the reminder:
  • My port. Do you ever feel your port when you wear tight jeans? I do on occasion.  It doesn't hurt, but just a quiet reminder of the band...I can imagine it's reminder would be "Seriously? I'm in here doing a job, so could you stop stuffing your pie hole with ice cream."
  • My key chain.  This is the Realize band key chain that we got at BOOBs last year. I love to fish it out of my purse when people ask me why I have to chew my food so much. It's fun to see an imaginary light bulb appear over their heads, like they finally "get it."  It also helps to remind me of the band inside me. FYI-the pink part is supposed to represent the stomach opening that we have to get food past...pretty tiny if you ask me!
What visual reminders do you have or use that help you in your journey to improved health?


  1. I love #3, I want one now! lol (eBay, here I come!)

  2. I love your medical ID bracelet. I may consider getting one too, just in case I ever have an accident or something its right there for the paramedics. Great post Karin!

  3. I also have a medical ID bracelet that says I have the gastric band. I got mine from laurenshope.com which has (surprisingly) REALLY CUTE bracelets! Like...i'd wear it even if it weren't a medical ID bracelet! Check them out! :-) But yeah, isn't it odd how the band can make you restrictive in the wierdest times? I sometimes have problems with ice-cold drinks (esp. skim milk on ice) although nachos? noooo problem!!! LOL!

  4. When I need a reminder to stay on track I look at my before surgery picture. That's normally all it takes to set me back on track and realize why I am doing what I am doing and how far I have came. And another reminder is looking into my son's eyes, he was a big motivation factor of me getting surgery and changing my life, I proudly can chase him around and not get winded, he loves mommy chasing him around the house :) To see that smile is so worth me busting my butt and eating right.

  5. Those are all great visual reminders. I need an id bracelet and some reminders would be good. I wana to.frame the fattest picture I.can.find of me and couple it with a recent happy picture!? Is that wired? Lol

  6. Like the bracelet. I have been think of getting one. It is still all about food choices and always will be. Tell that band vacation is over get to work!

  7. The bracelet is a great idea...I have a card in my wallet that says I have the band...but what if I don't have my wallet and there is a medical emergency...

    I have wanted one of those key chains since Amy W. posted a pic of hers last year after BOOBS. I'm still searching!!!

  8. I heard someone I know refer to the band as a "fickle bitch" - and that is so true. Yesterday I ate 3 (small, thin crust) slices of roasted cauliflower pizza for lunch and could have EASILY eaten more. But the grilled tilapia I made for dinner? Stuck. The cherry pie I attempted for dessert? Stuck. Who knows? It doesn't make any sense some times. (And I NEED to get a medic alert bracelet. Feel free to slap me around if I don't have one by the time I see you in September.)

  9. Wow ... this is such a great post. I hope more people post the visuals that help them stay on track. My surgeon never mentioned a medical id bracelet but it's a great idea.

  10. What an amazing set of reminders!!!

  11. Hi there. I've just started following your blog in recent weeks as I'm starting my journey toward lapband... Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your journey... It's very informative and inspiring (and entertaining!).
    I went to a seminar last night and asked the doctor about this and he said hydration level and physical activity have a lot to do w restriction level. Which is why most bandsters are not hungry and are more likely to get stuck in the am. You probably already knew this.

  12. The keychain is an awesome reminder! Wow, I'm thinking I need to look into getting one. What great reminders, great post!

  13. The only visual reminders I have is when I catch my reflection and see two things. One how much weight I have lost and how I now see "that girl" again. The second is when I see the reflection and remember how much weight I still have to lose.
    I do feel my port sometimes, but as you say not painful I can just feel it.

    Oh I did remember one other visual reminder.....all the billboards that are up advertising Lap Band surgery.....