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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update: Operation Swimsuit

It is now 30 days into "Operation Swimsuit" which began on March 1. 

Check out the original post HERE if you missed it.

Here are some updates on my plan:
  • Increase the strength training exercises for toned legs, arms, and abs: I have been doing more strength training with an extra Jazzercise class each week. The 20 minutes of weight-lifting is really helping.  I am noticing that my size medium undies are getting the "saggy butt".  Time for size smalls I guess? At least something is getting smaller.
  • I have ordered two tankinis from Lands End that arrive next week.  I don't think that I am brave enough to show you pics of me in the suits.  I have never worn a two-piece in my life, so we have to see if they work for my body.
  • My body fat percent has reduced from 32% in February to about 28% now...headed in the right direction.  Working towards my goal of 25%.  Pre-Band I was 52% body fat.
PS: Weigh-in Day Tomorrow!


  1. I bet you already look amazing in your tankini.

    And size SMALL undies?!??! I can't even imagine!

  2. I was at 52% also, I wish I knew where I am now, I'm going to wait a little longer before I check again. I bet you'll look amazing in your swimsuit!

  3. How funny -- "saggy butt". It's a good description though of what happens as you lose. I hope you like the new swimsuits. I am just happy mine fits me better now. :)

  4. Yay for Jazzercise! :) I do love the strength part. I think it has helped me with yoga too. Good luck finding the perfect suit!