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Monday, March 28, 2011

Fat Girl Fridays

Something has been happening lately that I need share with you all.

After my Friday weigh-in, I end up eating horribly....ALL DAY. 

I have begun to call this phenomenon, Fat Girl Fridays.  Why?  Because I turn back into a fat girl and all of my old 256 lb-self behaviors creep back in to my environment.  Taco Bell, Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, Pizza, Cake, I could go on and on and on.

Then, the Fat Girl Fridays sometimes lead to No Exercise Saturdays...it's a slippery slope. Sigh.

Therefore, I am recognizing this behavior for what it is and have made a plan for this Friday:
  • I WILL eat sensibly and balanced.
  • I WILL workout once during the weekend.
No excuses.


  1. You know...... I've tended to do this as well. Almost like rewarding myself for a good weigh-in? I'm also trying to kick this habit, and am making myself weigh-in daily, if not only to keep my self accountable!

    You're still rocking it out....... look at you, Miss. 144 :)

  2. Or you can call your "Fat Girl Fridays" free days and allow yourself to indulge a little bit. The goal to exercise once during the weekend is a great one. :)

  3. I am most likely to have thoughts of a "fat girl Tuesday" after I've weighed in for the month and know that I don't have to do it again for another month. My thinking will be that I can clean up damage from a splurge in a month's time.

    So far, since getting back to goal the end of last year, I have not gone that route. In my case, it would involve ice cream and at least one candy bar. And you're right -- it is indeed a slippery slope. Once I give myself permission to eat off program, it is REALLY hard to tell myself "no" and get back into maintenance mode. My excuse then is "I deserve it." Sigh :(

  4. Oh how I know what you mean. My co-worker never fails to bring me something back from her lunch break on Friday's. This past Friday it was a GiGi's cupcake. There are the premiere here in Memphis. It was heavenly. I did exercise Sunday though. I agree with Karen above....you are rocking it out!!

  5. I hear ya! I had to give myself a "reset" this week after a few too many fat girl Fridays...and Thursdays...and Wednesdays...etc.

  6. You have beat the weight down to a pulp. I know you will overcome this small challenge. You got this girl!!

  7. So that is what I should be calling it :o) I definiately know the feeling, Congrats on the plan and I think I will join you in it!!

  8. Friday's have always been a struggle for me too. It's like I recognize it as a preview to the weekend and just eat like crazy all kinds of yummy treats. Like all rules go out the window!

  9. It's good that you recognize it and know what to do about it. Good for you! (And I can't wait to see you...so soon!)