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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are You Alone On Your Island?

Have I told you how fabulous the blog "Refuse To Regain" is?  Please stop by and check it out.

Barbara's post today really hit home for me. 

She talks about how it is key to surround yourself with others who are going through the same issues as you so support/ideas/etc can be shared.

She even has an analogy for us:
Everyone you know is having a great time swimming in the ocean. The only problem is that the ocean is terribly polluted.

Large blobs of chocalatey brown oil are bobbing all over the surface. People are swimming through them, swallowing bits and inhaling the fumes, yet they claim they are enjoying themselves. You see this going on and become increasingly concerned about the danger.

Suddenly, you see a beautiful island. Exhausted from the drag of the oily sea, you pull yourself up onto the shore. Like a pelican in the Gulf, you are coated in oil. You set to work on the laborious task of cleaning it all off. Finally, spent but relieved, you turn to look at the beautiful place where you've found rescue. There's only one problem: you are all alone on the island. 

Almost everyone who tries to accomplish transformation feels like the odd-man out. Eating mindlessly while complaining about health and weight is a cultural norm. We are social beings and living life in another permutation ostracizes us to some degree. It becomes increasingly difficult to avoid the pressure to return to the fold.

Can you relate to this analogy?  I totally can.

In my real day-to-day life (not online), I often feel like that I am the only inhabitant on my "maintenance" island. 

Very rarely do I hear anyone talk about or bring up the topic of exercise or making good food choices.  The usual conversations that I hear are what yummy/decadent food/drink will be consumed that day or at the upcoming weekend.  Where they are going to eat out...etc.   It never changes.

Am I not looking hard enough for more inhabitants on my  "Maintenance" Island?  Perhaps.  I know that they are out there.

I am so happy that I do have all of the online support from fellow bandsters and weight watchers.  I appreciate all your comments and positivity!

PS: Weigh-in day tomorrow.


  1. I'm so fortunate because two of my very closest friends are very health conscious. Additionally, at least half of people I work with exercise regularly. But I don't think that it normal.

    In any case, I'm planning to Jazzercise tonight!! :)

  2. I still have too much restriction to make those good choices and to be really honest...I dont think I am going to...I will always have fluid in I think to keep me on track! It seems the States have a much healthier attitude than us down under....I had arm surgery and had all my fill removed for surgery and gained 11kg!! I lost 9kg in 2 days when the fill was put back in (due to dehydration I imagine) and have only 3.75mls in now with the same restriction as 7.5! Had the barium swallow to check it hadnt slipped but all good (apparently) but have had trouble since getting much down. My doc doesnt seem to care about that fact...losing is the focus! Cant be right I dont think...I should be eating small meals now? Love you blog! Very informative and great to get a perspective from other countries and banders xx

  3. Oh yay. It is hard to explain to some one that is not banded. I am sure some of my friends are sick of hearing about my band, It is my life, Island or not.

  4. oh hey :) I am over here on the other side of your island!! :)

    I am, like some of the others lucky in that I have a good friend who lost her weight sans the band several years ago. She understands a lot about what it is like to live a new fitter life and experience life as a once fat person. She does not understand the band though and for that I rely on you and all of the other band bloggers online.