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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Mind Games That I Play!

As I've said over and over, the journey with the lap band is 50%+ mental. 

I know how lazy and easily tempted I can be at times, so here are some random things I do to keep myself on track:
  • Pucker Up!: I will sometimes purposefully put on lip gloss or lipstick (especially when I am out and about).  For some reason, in my wacky brain, I know that if I eat or drink anything, it will rub off and be "wasted".  Totally weird, but it works for me.
  • Empty Pockets: When I go to refill my water bottle in my company's cafeteria or when I go for a walk around my neighborhood, I do not have any money on me.  So when I walk past the case of cookies in the cafeteria or the donut shop that is two blocks away from my house, I can't buy anything.
  • Get in Gear: I usually have about an hour of time to kill in between arriving home and when I leave to go to workout.  When I get home, I immediately put on my workout gear so that I am ready to run out the door with no excuses.  Let me tell you, I can come up with lots of GREAT excuses not to work out. (the weather/tired/stressed/hungry/etc)
  • Spread The Word: For those of you who I am friends with of Facebook, you've seen me do this time and time again.  I announce what exercise (usually Zumba or Jazzercise) that I am going to be doing that day/evening.  I've even heard of people who "tweet" their exercise goal of the day.  I feel that once I say it and put it out there for everyone to see, that I must go accomplish that goal.  A form of accountability, I guess.
What is your favorite tip that helps you in your healthy lifestyle?  Please share :)


  1. Those are some great tips. I'm with you on the lack of money in the pocket. I am such an impulse buyer, so that definately works for me.

  2. Pre-portioned servings. If there is more than a single serving on my plate, I'll eat it...or I'll try. I've invested quite a bit of money in those 1 cup ziplock/gladware products just to save me from myself.

  3. I usually pack my gym bag and decide my workout in the AM. Once I have made the decision to do it... I don't back out. If I leave it up in the air... then I always talk myself out of it.

  4. I plan my work outs at the beginning of the week to mentaly prepare myself. Then I typically tell people to commit like you do. One of the best things I did was sign up as a class manager for Jazzercise. Twice a week I have no choice at all!! :) That has come in handy a few times.

  5. Mine is if I realy want to eat something that is not the best choice, I do not allow myself to buy it. I have to make it from scratch.

  6. When I'm cooking, I chew gum to keep myself from all those BLT's (bites, licks and tastes). There are some wonderful sugar free gum flavors out now like mint chocolate chip and key lime pie.

  7. Awesome tips!! When I am having trouble controlling my dessert cravings-- I pre-portion dessert and put it in a bag in my pantry for later. Then, I know that I have a dessert, but it is pre-portioned and THAT IS IT.
    I can somehow stick to this really well.
    I also have incorporated ADDING things instead of TAKING THINGS AWAY when I need to reboot the weight loss or whatever.
    So: if I'm trying to get eating under control-- I'll add 'have a cup of tea' instead of 'don't eat at that time.'
    Hope that makes sense.

  8. *LOVE* the lipgloss tip, that is totally something that would work for me! Thanks!!!!

  9. I'm not sure if I'm just being lazy or if I just really dont want to face it but often when I have to pick up my mom from the ER (after an athma or anxiety trip) I will go without my purse because she is always asking if I have money so she can grab a burger. We live a few miles out in the country so I will not go into town for fast food. Sneaky huh.

  10. I love the lip gloss! I will have to try that.

  11. Your very right! I think the majority of work no matter which WLS procedure you have is mental. Having to relearn how to eat and learning little tricks to keep you on track is just the beginning of the mental work. The farther out we get the easier it is to "slip" into old habits. No matter what others say WLS is NOT "the easy way out"! Congrats on all your success so far!

  12. Love the tips! I take what I would have spent on sodas and snacks and transfer it into savings at the beginning of the pay period, so that way I can tell myself "Oh I don't have the money for that"