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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sports Bras, Allergies, and Stress, Oh My!

I had a fill scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

But I cancelled it.


  • My seasonal allergies have really kicked in lately, and for me, that means increased restriction.
  • Things at work are a little stressful right now, and for me, that means increased restriction.
  • Lastly, I have major restriction when I wear a sports bra.  Crazy indeed!  I eat dinner before working out so I have to make sure to eat first, then change into the workout gear.

It's a triple whammy right now on the restriction.  I can still eat most foods, just less.

PS: next time I do have a fill, I am going to see if the medical assistant (or a friend) will video the fill so you can all see the "stand up" method of getting a fill.  My fave method.

PSS: Tomorrow is Workout Wednesday!  Post pics of your fabulous glowing selves.

PSSS: Off to Zumba now. :)


  1. Yay on the Zumba and sorry you have so much stress.

  2. Yikes on all the stress, hopefully Zumba can help you de-stress!!

  3. Man! That is a triple whammy. Glad you canceled your appointment and I look forward to seeing the stand up method...

  4. I cannot wait to see this stand up method... LOL.. Enjoy zumba...

  5. My only huge allergies is strawberries but the mold in the spring stuffs me up. I hate working out and sniffling. I need a new sports bra. I got a couple but with skinny straps, ERROR!!!
    I'm sorry you aren't up to par, you'll get back there. I was reading a bit more too, love those shoes. My feet went from 8W to 7.5 regular, it's so cool. I love your weight also, keeping it where it belongs, yeah!!! Keep it up.
    Take care my friend. God bless!!

  6. It is amazing how different things gives different people restriction. Hope you enjoyed Zumba.

  7. it never even occured to me that I am so darn tight because I have these awful allergies right now!!

  8. Same here, allergies are kicking my butt.

  9. Some sport bras can be quite restrictive, can't they? Thanks for the post.