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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Know What Astronauts Eat?

Launch Meat! 

I hope you're rolling your eyes at me...!

A few random things for today:
  • Have you checked out my new tab at the top that has my before photos?
  • Have you read my fancy yet boring disclaimer that I have at the bottom of the blog?
  • Weigh-in day tomorrow.
  • Zumba toning and Zumba tonight...a full 90 minutes of Zumba sweat.


  1. Love the disclaimer on the bottom! I think it says it all! Awesome transformation!

  2. Awesome before & after pics!! I am still dying to try Zumba... one of these days it won't be just talk. Have fun!


  3. Love the pics, you look like a totally different person...what an awesome inspiration. As for the joke...ugh! Get some new material! LOL!

  4. Okay, I did roll my eyes a little, but I also laughed. :) And holy moly, girlfriend, your transformation is just astounding!

  5. wow... wow... WOW!!!!

  6. Karin, you don't even look like the same woman! I love Zumba toning....I do that once a week in addition to all of the other Zumba classes. i have only worked out once this week as I have been sick..It sucks.

  7. Yep, joke is lame but I still laughed. I also rushed to find a counter like yours. Copycats 'R Us. I know I've said it before, but you do look fabulous. Go Lapband Gal!

  8. Do you know where Bee's go to the bathroom? The BP station. :)

  9. I am so impressed with your before/afters! How did you get it on a separate tab?

    Also - your arms look fabulous. I hope that mine look as great as yours!