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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Month GOALiversary!

Yep, I know that you grammar freaks just love that word....  GOALiversary!  hah!

You do know that there's a Facebook page that you can join called "I correct your bad grammar in my head while you're speaking".  Just saying...

Well, today is exactly 3 months since I reached my goal weight of 145 lbs.  Since then I have maintained my goal weight.

In regards to food choices, I am pretty much doing exactly what I have been doing all along in my weight loss phase with the addition of about 200 calories per day...that's it.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you choose a lifestyle of food choices that you can live with for the rest of your life...yeah, that means F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  That's why I very rarely use protein shakes/bars/meal replacements.  Because for me, that's not a lifestyle I personally can stick with.  Sure they come in handy when I'm really busy or travelling, but not my preferred way of eating.

I eat real food, just smaller portions (using a food scale, measuring cups, etc)

By real food, I mean: lean meats, dairy, veggies, and fruits.

Good food choices of real food exists exists pretty much most places (notice I didn't say ALL places).

For example, the other day, I met up with friends for lunch at a local pizza place.  Everyone else ordered subs, calzones, and pizzas.  I had a half a Chicken Caesar Salad with the dressing on the side.  Good food choices exist, we just have to look past the poor choices.  If we had ordered a few pizzas to share, I would have eaten one piece and mainly only the toppings.

I always have a choice.

I am far from perfect.  Sometimes the poor food choices creep into my life (recent example: Girl Scout cookies!).   But I am conscious of it and not on automatic pilot.


  1. You are doing great. I just came here to cheer you on. : )

  2. I totally agree about having an eating plan that you can live with Forever. That is what I try for and I don't get too down when I get of the wagaon because I know that I will have moments like that in my life but I need to get back on track and move on when they do happen. Great post.

  3. I love the new word...goaliversary. LOL. So awesome to see you maintain. Such an inspiration to those of us who are still working to get there too. Awesome!!

  4. I can just say AMEN to this post. I am just 1-2 pounds from goal and then will be in the same boat. I agree with the smaller portions of real food. Meal replacements are great to have on hand for the "fast food" when you need them. We always have a choice... even with bad choices around. I love it when others around me join in with good choices, then it helps me not feel so alone!!


  5. You've got this lifestyle down! Kudos! WTG on three months, next will be three years and we will all be cheering you on!

  6. You are such an inspiration, girl!!

  7. I so wanted to meet you and ask you what you're doing. I'm glad you posted this. You are rocking maintenance!