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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I feel like my journey is little different than most of you bandsters....in regards to restriction that is....

I had GREAT restriction post op, I even passed up my first fill appt at 4 weeks as I just didn't need it. I had good restriction up until Tues AM. This is when my 2nd fill went wrong, VERY Wrong. I've been more HUNGRY than ever since, I wish I could go back in time and passed up that fill.

So I called the NP at my surgeons practice and she can fit me in on Monday 9AM for another fill. I am hoping for the best!

PS: eating has been bad today....1/2 a donut...8 saltines... *tsk* *tsk*


  1. Hang in there!
    Monday will be here soon.

  2. Love the comic!!! Hang in there....Just do the best you can. Will have to find some time to read your journey from the start!!!

  3. I am glad to hear Reeger can fit you in on Monday. I have gone from feeling like I needed and unfill, to now thinking I need a fill. Monique is going to think I am CRAZY!! But I think I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can get a fill next week.

    I think maybe your issue is what Dale was talking about in group...that after a certain amount of time after surgery, one day your appetite just wakes up, maybe the fill just stimulated your body to start working again??? Let me know how it goes with the next fill

  4. the saltines are not that bad!!! You will be ok but that is a little weird you were better before. Good luck w/ that next fill.