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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hate exercise!

So, I just power walked on the treadmill for a whole 20 minutes....that is quite the accomplishment for me...since I never exercise.
How do you guys motivate yourselves to keep exercising every day? Do you like to exercise?

I have signed up for a 'Zumba' class that starts on January 12th. Melissa from Rockin with the Band convinced me to sign up for the class with her...have you Zumba'd before?


  1. Ah ... exercise ... my nemesis. I've lost 126 lbs. - am 20 lbs, UNDER my goal .. exercise is my nemesis. I have to MAKE myself get out and walk or do anything that all. So I park in furthest corner of the lot. I MAKE myself do my own damn errands at work instead of telling my assistant to do them. I have never gotten the exercise thing under control. If you figure out the secret, please tell me.

  2. What is Zumba? I keep hearing everyone talk about it, but I haven't got a clue as to what it is!

    As to exercise, so far, my only exercise is walking outdoors with my DH. And if he didn't make me go, I wouldn't do that much. But, I have bought an exercise tape that I plan on working out to in our own home.

    Good luck on the exercise front!!

    Have A Happy New Year!!

  3. My knees crunch like Ziplocs full of rice. When I hear people talk about "getting back into running" I am always a wee bit envious. The exercise thing is a challenge, but ALL things are possible in 2010!!! For me, I think it comes down to plain ol' self discipline and perseverance.

  4. Yes, what is Zumba exactly? It sounds painful lol. Congrats on signing up though - I'm in your group - the one that really, really has to push herself to exercise. I guess I like walking, but even then its a struggle to get out as often as I should

    Bring on 2010.. we are raring to go!!!

  5. Hi-- I LOVE To exercise!! The best thing I can say is that you need to give your body the chance to learn to love it... I've been a dedicated exerciser for many years.
    The sad thing is that it never made me thin and as I got older and more sedentary-- I just gained weight. But I do believe that my exercise work in my 20's kept my weight at a reasonable mark for many years...

    Anyhow: here is my advice-- JUST DO IT, walk every day or every other day-- but consisently... for 6 weeks. You'll eventually really begin to enjoy it. Or find a fun activity (like bowling or another active activity and make it your own.)

    Good luck!

  6. Yea for ZUMBA!!! We are going to have fun and get a great work out. I stay motivated by telling myself that there is no tomorrow for exercise, I have to do it now or never. Then the next day I tell myself the same thing, there is only today!

  7. I'm not sure what Zumba is but I think it may be like a salsa dance aerobic type of thing. Hmmm ... I wonder if I can download a Zumba routine to my iPod and play it on my TV? ... I love to dance so that might be a good form of exercise for me.