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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

First Fill and a Confession!

I got my first fill today. It turns out that I had 4 cc from surgery and I got 1cc today, for a total of 5cc. At about 7 weeks out from surgery, that sounds about right.

I was surprised that:
-- it didn't hurt
-- the NP hit my port on the first try
-- my next fill is scheduled for Dec 15....just 12 days away!

Ok, now my confession...I am having a tough time getting into the exercise routine....I have a brand new treadmill that I should be using but I just can't seem to get in gear. I get home from work in the evenings and just want to sit on the couch and watch TV. I admitted this to the NP today at my fill appt. So she gave me this prescription:
Enough Said.....


  1. I personally have to keep workout clothes in my car at all times. I try to go to gym at lunch or stop on my way home. If I decide to go outside, I have to change into my workout stuff and head straight out the door. If I sit or even glance @ TV, its over! LOL

  2. LOL I love the prescription. It is good advice! You are doing great anyway.

  3. I understand how you feel. I have a treadmill (for years) and elliptical (bought several months ago), but I rarely used them. They are in a room in my basement and it is like "out of sight out of mind". Since I can't use the elliptical yet anyways my parents brought their recumbent bike down and we put it right in my living room. I have been using it much more. I am hoping that this will help build good habits so once I can work out more it will be easier to use the good stuff downstairs. Plus I am getting a TV for the workout room (once I can find one really cheap). I have found the time goes so much faster :)

  4. I hear you.. I need the same script written for me. My excuse is not making the time, and letting everything else get in the way (mainly my work). I think it would be a great idea for us to post what we did for exercise today, or post why we did not exercise today, and then have everyone shoot the excuses to smithereens. We are great at making excuses.. and excuses are not going to burn calories. I give you a ton of kudos for being upfront with this.. we need to make a plan on how we are going to break this cycle and get our butts moving..

  5. The exercise thing is a challenge for me too. I think you're right....the key is to tackle it first thing, just like "doctors orders". Once I hit my favorite chair in the evening I just melt right into it for the duration.

  6. I love the script :).... If you ever feel like going on a walk you can call me or email me. I would love to have a workout buddy. My email is clostem@yahoo.com. I will also be at the support group this month.

  7. This sounds like something my PP would write for me!! Now, if I had a treadmill in my home, I would probably use it. So long as I could watch TV while walking. I hate going to the Gym.

  8. Ha, that's funny - I think everyone needs a prescription for this every once in a while! It is hard to get into a good routine, but it will happen, or so I am told! I was having a hard time with this as well. In my experience over the last month I have come to realize that I have to do something that I enjoy. I worked hard at building my cardio strength back up on the treadmill and elliptical so that I could return to my spin classes - and guess what - I did and I am back in class! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress :)

  9. I'm right there w/ you on the "lacking exercise" front! Let's hope we all make it through!