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Friday, June 29, 2012

Weigh-in Day & a Blog Vay-cay

I've given up that reedonkulous pipe dream that was my 135 lbs goal weight. 

Yep.  Not sure what I was smokin' when I thought up that cuh-razy idea.

It's just not realistic for me.  If I stopped working out, I could totally get there, but that would be muscle loss.  No thanks, I'll pass on that.  I'm stickin' with my goal weight of 145 lbs that I've been rockin' since December of 2010.

I also totally forgot how at about the 139/140-ish lb mark, the "ta-ta's" noticably get SMALLER

Let me tell ya how super fun it is when I'm jumpin' up and down at Jazzercise and one of my girls escapes DOWN and OUT from under my size SMALL Target sports bra. Yep, that was what went down at Wednesday night's class. Watch me run to the ladies room to fix that.  

This past week, I did learn that I was eating too few calories in previous weeks. I upped my calories by approximately 200 and voila! The scale did go down a little.

Anyways, without further delay:

Last week's weight: 140.8 lbs

Today's weight: 139.4 lbs

Look, I made you a pretty maintenance graph. 

Lastly, I will be taking a week long blogging vay-cay. 

Sometimes this girl just needs to step away from the computer for awhile.


  1. Way to rock the maintenance and have fun on the well-deserved time away from the computer.

  2. Enjoy the unplug! Hope it's restorative.

  3. OMG is that possible to step away from the computer? good luck

  4. You go girl!
    What novel ideas....
    1--up the calories.....lose some LBS!
    2--let go of the "too low" goal weight that is just too low(!!) and live with what feels right!

    If you are going to make us suffer your absence,we expect that you will come back with amazing stories and wonderful revelations! 8-) Enjoy your unplugged time! We will be right here waiting for you.....

  5. Enjoy your time away! It does wonders for your enthusiasm about blogging. I know when I give it a minute to miss it, I'm more likely to blog more often, comment, etc.

  6. You do what's right for YOU! 145 feels great? Then stay there! You are at your goal, in a healthy BMI. There's nothing wrong with *trying* to lose another 5 lbs but the WONDERFUL thing about your predicament is that you don't have to! You are healthy.. you are, dare I say THIN?!?! You look great, you feel great that's what counts.

    Enjoy your unplug... I will miss your posts! :)

  7. Just bought some new bras myself because I'm a bit lacking in the girl department these days!
    Enjoy your week off. See ya' when you get back!

  8. Fly away ta-tas...not cool. LOL

    Enjoy your week away.

  9. Have a good break xx

  10. OMG that mental image just made me lol

  11. At least when it escaped, you didn't step on it! Ouch!!!

    Have a great vay-cay!!!

  12. I am so glad you did no pursue that number because you look amazing right where you are!

  13. Right on, girlfriend. See you upon your return!! xoxo

  14. Thank GOD~! I am not going to lie. I was a little worried about your 135 goal, but being at 180 who knows if that was jealousy or envy...but it was mixed with honest worry bc you are at great place I think body wise. You are for sure small enough. Don't you think? Was it a numbers thing? Or do want to see a difference in your body? Regardless, I think you are small and healthy!!

    And you are right, i know if I stopped strength training and just did cardio for six weeks...i bet i could lose weight...but that's not weight I want to lose!