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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Lap-Band Speaks Up More Often Than...

...I do in meetings.

Yep, let me set the scene for ya:

Imagine that I'm sitting in a conference room at work at a table full of people who  laughingly  consider themselves big fishes  in a very small pond.

I'm sitting there and we're discussing current business matters at hand.  A.K.A. Playing Meeting B-I-N-G-O in my head.

I'm sipping my water quietly.

Then there's a pause in the discussion.

This is my band's cue. 



It's loud enough that everyone at the table turns to look my way. 

I'm not sure if these fishes know that I have a Lap-Band.  So do they think that I just passed gas? burped? I could care less what they think.

I've actually started saying, "excuse me" on occasion or I'll just smile back at them.

Now THAT's something they never tell ya in your pre-op classes or the weight loss surgery informational seminar.


  1. Haha! You should just always pretend as though it was a fart or a burp..keep em guessing! :)

  2. sometimes I hear it and think its loud but nobody else heres it but they hear my excuse me.....sigh....

  3. My sleeve is forever gurgling. Now, I just smile and say wow, that was loud. :)

  4. HAHA! I share a small office and it is often really quiet except for my tummy noises!! Fortunately my roomie knows about the band, is a boy, and thinks it is funny.

  5. I work on the principle that gurgle gurgle is still quieter than the rumble rumble of old.

  6. I have this all the time. I thought it was jsut me. Sometimes the band makes a LOUD squeak, like a pressure regulator. I act like nothing happened, but sometimes my friends start laughing and I have to explain I have a loud tummy. Luckily I have told almost everyone in my department about the band, so i usually can "squeak" by.

  7. I only occasionally gurgle, and it really doesn't seem too loud... I don't really care either way though :)

  8. Ok I'm glad it's not just me!!! Since I had my first fill on Tuesday liquids are doing that but so far the soft foods seem to be fine. I thought it was weird!! Tomorrow is my big test!! REAL food. I'm talking ACTUAL chicken - gasp!

    Thanks for blogging this and not letting me think I was a weirdo. And no, they do not include this in your pre-op education.

  9. I swear the band is like a megaphone for gastric noise! Had the same thing happen to me at school the other day.

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