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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Me-Ality Review & a Few Shopping Pics

Over Memorial day weekend on my eight hour road trip to California, I finally got my chance to experience Me-Ality and do some serious shopping.

'Cuz I live in the middle-of-nowhere Oregon.

It's kinda funny how I LEAVE Oregon to do my clothes shopping. 

If anything, the state of Oregon has taught me how to be a really good online shopper. Coupon codes are my friend.

Anywhoozle, if you remember from last week's post, Me-Ality is a body scanner that provides you with a print out of what size jeans you are in most stores and brands. It also recommends sytles that best show off or minimize your booty.
As I walked up to the scanner, I noticed there were three overly-eager Me-Ality associates trying to get anyone and everyone who passed by to try Me-Ality.

Everyone just ignored them and kept walking.

Not me.  I walked up and got started.  The associate asked me to remove all metal (jewelry/etc) and my belt (which I wasn't wearing anyway).

They asked for my email address to set up an online profile so they could email me my results.  Or if you are a conspiracy theorist, so that the Me-Ality company who is really a cover up for ALIENS FROM ANOTHER PLANET the US government to keep track of all of us Americans with our sizes and measurements and take over our brains one day.

But wait, I digress.

Once the profile was set up, I walked into the scanner, stood on the markers, and totally sucked in my gut like my life depended on it (wouldn't you?).

It scanned my body for about 20 seconds and it was done.  I felt like I was at airport security.

My size and style print out showed that:
  • My best match is Silver Jeans Co. brand size 30. 'Tuesday Flare' Low rise, Low flare. $82. Yikes. Way too spendy for this girl.
  • Next best match was American Eagle brand size 10 'Skinny' Low rise jeans $39.
The associate told me that soon they would be offering bra size/style and shirt size/style recommendations. They will be emailing me and updating my online profile with this information eventually. Coolness.

So armed with my new size info and style recommendations, off I went to American Eagle.  

Skeptical about the size '10' recommendation, I grabbed sizes 6, 8, and 10 'Skinny' Low rise jeans off the shelf and went into the dressing room.  

The size 10s were HUGE on me.  I would need a belt.  The size 8 felt better, but knowing stretchy jeans, they would be baggy in a short while.  I then tried the 6s and they were too tight.  Whatevs.

This makes me wonder if the Me-Ality doesn't take into account how my extra lower belly skin (as a result from losing about 115 lbs) can be squished into jeans, unlike actual belly fat/tissue?  I dunno.

I didn't buy any jeans that day.  

I'm just more confused than I was before I began on how jacked up women's clothing sizes are in the USA.

Oh well.

Onwards to a few shopping finds!  

I still need to get a full length mirror at home.

No more standing on chairs in the bathroom. I will fall down off said chair one of these days and Pemberley will not come to my rescue:
Nine West wedges.  LOVE THEM!
Cute new top from Ann Taylor
that I got in a few different colors.
What are your thoughts on cowl necks?
Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post where I discuss the craziest weight loss surgery analogy that I have ever heard of. AND it comes from a REAL doctor. Where the weight loss surgery process is compared with another type of surgery process.  You'll never guess...!


  1. Love those wedges! Interesting about the me-ality scan. When you said 10 at AE though I thought, "uh uh. Those are gonna be too big fo sho."

    Sorry it wasn't a better find. :(

  2. I have serious shoe envy going on at the moment. I think it is becoming a problem.

    I am guessing c-sections. You lose a bit of weight right away and then it's much more work than you expect. Hot or cold?

  3. I love cowel necks, guess because I wore them alot in the 70's...LOL As for the jeans, it blows my mind how much sizes differ by brand and store location as well.

    I cannot imagine your tiny self in a size 10 of anything!

  4. I used to hate cowl necks. Lately, I find myself buying them. They seem to be a popular option this summer in the dressy shirts that are still cool enough to wear on a hot summer day.

  5. I lover Cowl Necks! They are my friend! Glad you had a great shopping trip! I'm super jelly of living in nowheresville oregon, I bet there is a ton of sweet trails for mountain biking!

  6. Cowl necks make it easier to see the boobies... Yay, cowl necks. Other thought that are you sure the you want to wear anything that is "Cow...." Hmmm

  7. I love the cowl neck, where in Oregon? I am going to Portland this weekend... are you anywhere near?

  8. not a fan of cowl necks but you look uber sexy!

  9. I'm sorry that the me-ality scan wasn't better...I was planning on finding one during my travels over the next few weeks but now I know it would be a waste of time...when you said a size 10 jeans I thought "no way will those fit". I love cowl necks...on other people...for some reason I never feel like they sit right on me...

  10. Love the cowl neck on you, and the color! Cowl necks usually look weird with my ginormous boobies so I think I only own like 1...that I don't wear..

    BOOO to the Me-ality!!!

  11. Cute shirt! I like cowl necks, but they can't be too voluminous --- makes my boobs look even bigger than they are!

  12. Bummer that the me-ality didn't work. That would be an awesome tool if it did.

    I like the more subtle cowl this season. It looks great on you. Lookin' good!!!

  13. I am a fan of the cowl neck! Flattering on my boobs, and shows my shape without being too cleaveage-y (not that I'm against that, mind...just not always appropriate!)

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