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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Confused Than a Chameleon in a Bag of Skittles

Rant alert!

For the first time in almost three years...

...the scale is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY confusing me.

I weigh every morning because I am a scale whore.

Daily weighing works for me because I personally know how much damage I can do very fast if I don't see a number on that scale each morning. 

It's my "stop sign" that tells me, "Whoa there girly, all those nachos and cookies that you've been eating these past three days are starting to show, so quit that already." 

I've told ya before and I'll tell ya again: I can easily gain one pound a day with the Lap-Band.

I need that accountability of that daily scale visit.

When I was in my losing phase in 2009-2010: 14 months of strict measuring of my food, staying under 1200 calories each day, exercising like cuh-razy, etc, I would lose weight each week.

Now when I go back to those hard-core behaviors, like I've been doing for a few weeks now, the scale stays the same or goes UP a little. 



  1. I'm right there with you with the speedy setbacks; I'd like to NOT be a daily weigher, but I've lost trust in myself at this point. It really can be nerve-wracking though... don't let perceived lack of results get you down tho... if you continue doing the right things, the scale has to respond eventually. Those are the rules!

  2. Maybe your body really likes where it is at these days, its comfortable and is resisting the change. So maybe it may take 10-15 days of this modification for your body to finally give it and let some poundage go.

  3. I agree with Michelle, however I know how frustrating that can be. Maybe a swticheroo on exercise? try something different? Good luck :)

  4. OK, so I bet you kicked up the exercise a notch and your muscles are bulking up, it will come off, but probably really slowly since you are at near ideal weight really. I know this probably sounds terrible but you could always do the two week presurgery protien shake diet again. My doc said that will be a way to break through a plateau if I have one, since it kicks you into ketosis and you burn fat ilke crazy. I think though that it's just going to take patience. Hang in there.

  5. I am sure your body is just playing tricks on you, cause it knows you will work it til it becomes submissive once again!


  6. Muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe your gaining more muscle.

  7. How about this...are you sure...with the increased exercise...that you are eating ENOUGH? 1100 calories a day aint a lot if you have upped your workout...bc you worked out a lot before. "they say" that if there is too much of a deficit, your body starts to panic and holds on to those damn calories and food you put into your body bc they think you are in some ancient famine times or something. Jillian actually talked about this on one of her podcasts. She was saying when you are losing "vanity pounds"...the pounds YOU just want to lose for your own sake, your body doesnt want to lose anymore so you are going to have to work harder...and that people often think that means cutting more calories but they end up with too big of deficit. It was really good when I heard it...I can't articulate it very well though.

  8. I'm no expert by ANY means...but is it possible that you are underestimating your portion size?

    Maybe try a kitchen scale?

    Good luck!! :)

    And don't be discouraged...even if you have a aren't seeing the scale move...you should feel good about knowing that you are making your body stronger with all that working out. :)

  9. Is it possible that your body really likes your 140 - 145 range and it's being all resisty? I would also take a close look at what Amy said too, if your body is resisting, maybe it's because you're not getting enough calories in each day.

  10. When you figure it out let me know..I feel like I am doing the same stuff to maintain my svelte 160-164 but of course..I now am carrying around an extra 15-20 pounds. Sheesh..suckorama. Sometimes it is all just too much thinking and work to contemplate sigh.

    On the Joe front..funny isn't it how when you have something around it is not nearly as exciting as you expected.


  11. Frustrating! People have given you some good points, and I got nothing. So, I will just say that I'm cheering for you!! :)

  12. It sux, blows and bites. I went up a pound this week for absolutely no reason in the entire universe. I celebrate with a massive pb&j sarnie and then got right back on track. Don't you worry girly - we all know no one gets fat eating less so it's gotta be hormones, water, weather, salt or some other crazy shizzzz!!!

    Keep the faith

    X bunny x