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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Feel the Need. The Need For Speed.

Ever since I was a teenager I  can always remember always saying, "When I lose the weight, I'm gonna go skydiving."

I would make plans in my head about when that day would be.

I would think about how much fun it would be.

What a rush it would be!

Well, yes.

It happened.


I went skydiving last weekend.

Before heading to the airport, we stopped off for a Mexican lunch.  Everyone enjoyed large yummy platters of chimichangas and XL burritos and rice and beans.... and other tasty foods that I totally wanted too.  But I had a chicken taco with no sides of anything yummy. I couldn't help and wonder quietly in my head as we were eating, would all that food stay down in our bellies with a jump out of an airplane?

Anywhoozle, onwards to the airport!
Who needs luck?
After signing our lives away via a six page liability waiver, we geared up for the big show.  

We picked out really awesome flying squirrel outfits.  I chose this get-up.  It was either a patriotic extravaganza or a circa 1986 fluorescent yellow with purple accents. I felt like it was a safe bet.
Meet Dave.
He was my BFF for the next hour.
Wait, what does your shirt say about hesitation?
So, what your saying is that we're
going to jump out of an airplane?

Cheezy wave!
Heavin' my ass up into the plane.
Not the most reassuring or comforting of signs.
Off into the sky. Can you see me waving?
This is my totally freaked out on-the-inside face.
I'm going to pretend that I'm not about to sh*t my pants, so I'll just smile.
I am going to stop the photo montage right here for a minute.

How I was feeling as we took off and made our way to 10,000 feet up could be summed up in one word: ANXIETY.  

Extreme anxiety.  Almost dream like too.  

I kept thinking: "Is this really about to happen?" and "Am I really in a teeny tiny airplane over BFE Oregon about to jump out of an airplane?"

I have only felt this extreme level of anxiety once before in my entire life.  

That would be October 20, 2009 at about 6am.  

Yep, that was the morning of my Lap-Band surgery. Multiple nurses tried and couldn't get the IV for the happy/relax meds started before I got wheeled down to the operating room.  

SO i took that ride fully awake and aware. I can vividly remember that long ride down the hallways and then being put onto the O.R. table.

To this day, I'm still kickin' myself for not documenting my surgery day experience like many of you have done.

Anywhoozle, it was time for me, Dave, and my chicken taco to JUMP!
Shar Pei doggy face.  Bugs gettin' caught up in my teeth.  Close your mouth!
Effin' AMAZING! So fun!
Pullin' the cord for the parachute!
Dave let me drive.  A very smart man.
A soft landing in a grassy field.
We survived.
Chicken taco stayed DOWN, yet hair is now UP.
It was so quick.

Over before it practically began.

But so very fun.

I am so happy that I did it and had the opportunity.

Would I do it again?


It was $260 for the experience. For that price, the amount of fun was LARGE, yet very, very short.  That's A LOT of money to spend for such a quick experience. I can easily swing an entire weekend in Vegas for that kind of money.

One last thing about adrenaline.

You know, adrenaline...that hormone that one gets a lot of from an extreme experience?  It's released when in a "fight or flight" situation.

Adrenaline makes you DAMN hungry.

Just two hours after eating huge Mexican meals, everyone in the group was STARVING. Me included.  And with my band at it's current level of restriction perfection. Crazy indeed!

Watch out for that adrenaline, it sneaks up on ya.


  1. WOW! So incredibly amazing. I love all your captions too. As much as I would love to try this, I know I am too chicken to do it. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. I have always wanted to go sky-diving, too, but can't find anyone to go with me. Perhaps I'll fly to Oregon when I reach goal...

  3. So freaking awesome!!! LOVE the pics! Glad you had fun, so awesome to see you do something you've been dreaming about since a teen. Congrats, you did it! :)

  4. That is so cool---I don't think I could EVER do it but very cool indeed!

  5. That is awesome. It looks like you enjoyed it. I would be pissed it didn't last longer for $260. I'm glad you had the experience.

  6. OMG! I'm so impressed.. You can't even get me on a plane never mind getting me to jump out of one.. Congrats! You so inspire me!!
    Now maybe it's time for me to get on plane??????????

  7. you made it look so easy. Love the pics.

  8. Thanks for the pics! Looks like you had a great time! Almost makes me want to do it....ALMOST.

  9. Love that you did this.......


  10. EPIC! Love the inside decor of the plane... :)

  11. You are so brave. It does look incredible though.

  12. Soooo much fun! It's crazy the way our faces contort in this situation...I never thought my skin was thin enough to move like it did in those pictures from my dive. I totally want to do it again. You are right, it is terribly expensive for how short of a ride it is. But I want to do it at least one more time. Scott and I said that if we were still together in a year we would do it for our first anniversary...so I'm holding him to that...even though it's the week of our wedding. LOL...so we will have a very busy week!

    Also...about the adrenaline munchies...you are sooooo right about that. With my disability I tend to get an adrenaline rush every time I fall or have a near-miss. The incident is always followed by 10 minutes of the shakes and then about an hour of a fierce want/need to eat.

    What was your favorite part? The free fall or the float? I LOVED the floating part...I could do that over and over again. The free fall hurt my ears (pressure) and my face...so I didn't really enjoy that part very much.

  13. I am glad you had so much fun.....I love all of the pictures!! Awesome!

  14. So excited for you! Great pictures.

  15. Wow congratulations! You are crazy ha ha I could never imagine jumping out of a plane. The pictures look amazing!

  16. Wow! You go girl-- I've missed being around and finally decided to just do a whole new blog, come on by when you can:


  17. YEAH!!! I LOVE the pics and I'm so happy you survived. :-)

  18. It's on my list! I can't wait till I'm skinny enough to not have to think "what's the weight limit?" first thing...

  19. So awesome!!! That is on my list too. Can't wait to lose enough weight that I don't have to worry about weight limits.