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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nothing Worthwhile is Ever Without Complications

Did you read that recent study that claimed that Gastric Bypass was more effective and a better surgery overall when compared with Lap Band?  If you missed it, go read "Gastric Bypass Destroys Lap Bands in Head-to-Head Study." 


I was kinda sad after reading that article.  Combine that with reading about Angela who is having her slipped band surgery this week, and I was not so excited about my prospects with this band.

As you may remember, I came THIS CLOSE to getting gastric bypass instead of the band.  I started to wonder if I made the right decision in getting a band.

I also skimmed through the Lap Band message boards and forums out there on the interwebs. 

It seems that I wasn't the only person who had read that Debbie Downer anti-band article. 

The boards were lighting up with "my surgery is better than your surgery" and "nanny nanny boo boo" nasty posts.  These train wreck posts reminded me of the hot mess of drama that can only be contained in all-day marathon 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'  Some people have way too much time on their hands these days.
Then, yesterday, the heavens opened up, the sun shone, the birds chirped...I had a smile on my face.  Yep, I read this ROCKSTAR blog post by bariatric surgeon Dr. Cobourn

Go read it.  Now.  Did you read it?  Good. High five.

Dr. Cobourn pretty much shoots down every claim that the original study outlines....and then some. 

The data in the original study was old.  Plain and simple.  There are new surgical techniques for installing bands and better made bands now that increase the long term success rates and reduce the complications with bands overall.

To me, it has never mattered what weight loss surgery someone has (Band, DS, RNY, Sleeve, etc) or if someone's following more traditional methods (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc).  We all have the same goal of improved health.  We just may have different paths to take to get there.

No matter the path one chooses, I just wish that people would realize that if there is no self-accountability, no change in food choices, and no increase in exercise, then it's all over before it began.  Why bother?

But do you know who does have buckets of accountability, keeps track of her food choices, exercises like a superstar, and has lost 122 lbs?  Yep, that would be Angela.


  1. You made me cry....and I'm pretty sure it isn't just the Vicodin. Thank you, you are very sweet and just the cheerleader that I need right now.

  2. Angela is pretty amazing. I'm gonna have to go read Dr. Cobourn's article now!

  3. You are TOTALLY right. Whatever surgery works for YOU, YOU have to make it work!!! If you don't do the work, the surgery type is a mute point! (I had gastric bypass, but you will get NO nanny-nanny boo-boo from me!!)
    I just found your blog and I love it! New fan!

  4. THANK YOU for posting the link to that refuting article! I had read the initial study and blogged about it, and it had me second-guessing everything about WLS while I'm in that anxious pre-op state anyway.

    And Angela? I just read through some of your blog - you are amazing. Sending healing thoughts your way :)

  5. Oh man, I think I quoted you... The sky is falling.... XXOO

  6. Angela is a rockstar for certain and it really is about choices no matter which surgery or non-surgical method we choose. Going to read the article right now!!

  7. Angela is one of the reasons I am here today and have come so far since July!

    She is truly an inspiration and my heart goes out to her!

  8. Dr Cobourn was my surgeon. I did not qualify for bypass so this is MY salvation with the band. We are all living proof.

  9. Whatever works. Though a slipped band isn't fun especially if you are self pay. Complications can get expensive and no one wants that. I almost got the bypass too but was too deep in the approval process to go back.

  10. Great post! I also almost had bypass but got the band instead and I'm glad I did. I hate these surgery cat fights, because surgery has its advantages/disadvantages and you have to find the one that fits your life.

  11. Awesome post! thanks for sharing the article!

  12. I love how you cheer people on and take time to introduce newly banded people. It is awesome.

    I was very depressed over that article because it didn't even mention my surgery. Sniff. Sniff.

    I'll have to check out the doctor's comments, but I think you said it all -- we are all in this to get healthy and lifestyle changes are required too.