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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Debbie Downer...Pity Party of One

Remember when I told you back in September about how non-scale victories can be taken away?

Well, let's add another one to that craptastic list.

My primary care doctor (who's a total hottie by the way; now you know how I choose doctors) says that my blood pressure numbers are still too high.

So guess what? Yep I am now taking ANOTHER medication for high blood pressure. Yep, and of course the first pill that I took yesterday morning, I promptly PB'd up.  I'll have to cut them in half or take them at night.

Anyways, what I still need to wrap my head around is this:

At the ripe old age 33 and with all that I do to improve my health every...damn...day, how can I still need medications for high blood pressure?

I guess I never realized how much genetics can affect my health.  I have always "owned" my obesity as my problem.  After all, I'm the one who shoved all those cookies down my pie hole all those years.

Dr. Hottie says that he thinks that genetics is the main reason for my high blood pressure.  I kinda agree, especially after consulting my family tree, it seems that almost every relative on both sides of the tree either has or had high blood pressure.  Yeah, I really won the genetic lottery.  Go me.

This also makes be beg the question about how much money I'm supposed to be saving with having lost over 111 lbs.  You know, that dog 'n pony show Lap Band seminar where they tell you all about the money that you're gonna save with losing weight? Hmmm... Those co-pays for the medications are now adding up.

As I've said before:

I choose to exercise five times a week  I usually do about 300+ minutes a week; us bandsters are encouraged to get at least 210 minutes a week (30 minutes each day).

I choose to eat healthy foods (most of the time).

I choose to constantly count and keep track in my head of calories and protein eaten.

But I cannot choose my genetics.


  1. I am sorry that this has not resolved for you! You are doing all YOU can so trust in that!

  2. Yup genetics can be a b!t*h. On the other hand you can thank genetics that you're pretty, that you had the resolve to lose 111 lbs and for your strength in other areas of your life. Losing the weight may not have kicked the hypertension (because of genes) but it really lessoned the toll it takes on your body. Good luck!

  3. I'm really sorry. I am in the same boat. I first developed high blood pressure in my 20s when I was at a normal weight. Even though I'm obese now, over the years I've been back down towards my best weight, and it didn't help my blood pressure . It's genetic for me, too. I am now on three blood pressure meds.

  4. So sorry for this situation for you darlin. I feel I may end up on cholesterol control meds too. Not that knowing that will make you feel any kind of better, but at least you know you aren't alone. My LDLs (bad) refuse to drop any lower and my PCP thinks its my genetics at this point. .

  5. Sorry, sweetie. I have a feeling that's gonna be me in 9 years, too... HBP and heart issues run in my family. But hopefully, by taking control of our health, it'll STAY as just a daily pill and not heart disease in the future.

  6. I worked in cardiology for 3 years...genetics can DEFINITELY play a huge role. I had several patients who ate perfectly, exercised daily and maintained a healthy body weight while still having high BP. I had marathon runners who had to have coronary bypass due to sever blocked arteries. I would however highly recommend you rule out any other cause of the high BP. If I were you I would highly consider getting a cardiac work-up just to make sure there's not a secondary cause to your hypertension and that it is genetics.

  7. My weight loss buddy in Houston has the same problem. As she told me long ago: no amount of diet and exercise will change what I've inherited.

  8. It's a sad fact that because we were or are over weight that every disease process that we have is blamed on that. It's a cop out and always the scapegoat, you have high BP because you are/were fat. I think it's the reason I hate going to the doctor. The first thing is, it's because of your weight, it'll improve once you lose weight.

    NOT TRUE. Not everything can be resolved by weight loss. There are many things that effect BP, kidney function, stress, cardiac conditions, and yes a genetic predisposition. You did your part, unfortunately DNA is doing it's part too.

    Heck maybe you have a simple case of "white coat hypertension", a BP that is increased at the doctor's office, but is controlled in other situations. Best way to test it is to take your BP at home and make a BP journal to compare.

  9. Oh, man! I'm sorry, that really does suck!!

  10. Sorry to hear about this. As much as we work our asses off to give ourselves a better life there will always be something that affects us. When obese I partly blamed my genetics for the way i was, but i realise now thaat i can still control my health sometimes, in this case, we can blame genetics! its a knock to the system but at least you are in good care. I am sure that doctor of yours raises a few blood pressures!

  11. Well the first thing that comes to mind after reading this is, you got the genetics of HP(which I know is so much more important than what I am about to say) but some people have the genetics of awful flappy arms. Basically for me it comes down to acceptance.

    Again, I know HP is more important than flappy arms.

    I'm diabetic. Since lap band I've had no issues. However, I always have to make sure not to wait to long to eat or my sugar drops and I'm a raving lunatic looking for food.

    I accept my diabetes because everything else has improved tremendously.

    I have a feeling you can say the same thing. :)

  12. I feel the same about hitting the genetic lottery. I am the youngest of three children. I have HBP and Diabetes that at first were attributed to my weight. After losing, 80 pounds. I am still a diabetic because it was found out years ago, I have late onset Type 1 diabetes (you know the bad kind--as everyone says) I have HBP due to a congenital brain abnormality that increase the cranial pressure in my head (similar to stroke levels). I always tell my parents (just my mom now since my dad died of a 3rd heart attack three years ago) that she had two other children--couldn't she saved some good genes for her good kid--LOL. We can't change genetics but we can create a better outlook for the future by becoming aware of our problems and treating the disorders early. I believe that is the main concern. I thought lapband would cure most of my health conditions but it was plainly told to me a week after surgery that genetics are not curable just treatable. After lapband, I have more energy and feel better as well as not use as much insulin--those are non-scale to me. Good Luck and don't let this stop your progress!!

  13. Funny little sidenote. I know Rachel Dratch and it never ceases to crack me up when people reference her in the Debbie Downer roll!

  14. Sometimes it's just genetic. I have the same issue. Oh well.