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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Non-Scale Victory & How Easily I Forget

I'm not sure when this Non-Scale Victory (NSV) happened.  Probably sometime over the last year?  Who knows, but it's worth mentioning.

This NSV is related to putting on shoes.  A simple and easy task, right?  No, not exactly easy with an extra 115 lbs on my body.

I don't know about you, but I remember that when I was a fatty, putting on my tennis shoes and tying them would take some major effort.

First, I would have to find somewhere to sit down.  That was so important to the process.

Then, after sitting down I would have to fix my shirt because as a fatty, I know too well the "pull your shirt out of your fat belly rolls" technique.

After that there was struggling to reach my feet.  Put the socks on, one by one. 

Finally I would get the shoes on and get them tied.


It was a like a little mini-workout.  There was usually some sweat involved.

I would like to thank my Sister for pointing out this NSV to me when I was visiting her in Florida during the holidays.

She noticed that as I was getting ready to go for a walk...I just stood there, slipped my tennis shoes on my feet and tied them (while still standing up) and I was out the door. 

I've noticed that taking my shoes off and then on again when going through security at the airport is much easier now.  But, what I don't understand is the last three trips, I've been chosen to go through those new scanner machines each and every time?  What's that about?  Oh well, I guess that's a discussion for another day.  I also have been wondering if they can see my band?

OK, next topic, which is probably TMI for some of you.  You've been warned.  Proceed with caution. Seriously.

I think it is hilarious how I sometimes forget how much my band restriction increases when Aunt Flo shows up.  Since I'm a multi-cycling kinda girl who likes to  control  schedule anything and everything in my life, she only visits four times a year (how GREAT is that ladies?!? I highly recommend it.) 

Anyways, I was eating my lunch yesterday (a hard boiled egg, string cheese, leafy greens) and noticed that my band was saying hello to me.  Big time.  The food just kinda sat there above my band.  I was so confused.  So I started wondering...hmmm...could it be the weather? Allergies?  The bra too tight today? Then, BAM! I remembered Aunt Flo was in town.

I read all of your posts about this phenomenon all the time, but how quickly I forget. 


  1. To answer your airport question, yes they can see your band. When coming home from Chicago last year I was questioned about it. It was no biggie. They asked if I had something under my clothes. I was confused, then realized what they were talking about. i told them, and offered to show my card from my surgeon, but they said it was not necessary!

    I love not getting winded when putting shoes on!

  2. I'm sure you've read about my monthly mishaps! It's just awful, it's like the band slams shut for a few days and I have to go on liquids. I forget EVERY month too, I swear my brain sometimes goes on holiday.
    Ooh, I'll have to ask my doc for a card about the band since I'm traveling next month!

  3. my shoe laces are tied at the sides too, it's like I can't even tie them up properly....I wear a lot of slip ons :D Looking forward to properly tied sneakers and not being winded.

  4. I forgot about this NSV until recently when my pregnant belly has started to get in my way. I forgot what a great feeling it is to put your sneakers on without having to feel like you are competing in a sporting event.

  5. At my biggest, I wedged myself between the wall on the bathroom and the sink counter to lift my leg up so I could tie my shoes.

    Yes how quickly we forget

  6. Oh man, the shoes! The worst were the "buckle around the ankle" shoes, because I used to have to go by feel alone because I couldn't comfortably twist my foot around and actually see what I was trying to do.

  7. Wait, I didn't know about the Aunt Flo days!! We can't et during those 4 days?

  8. I am prebanded and I SO know what you mean about the shoes. I sit down and feel like I already exercised by the time the shoes are on and tied. It's rediculous and I hate it. I am writing a list of the things I can't wait to change when I get banded on Feb 3rd and this is going on it!!! Thanks for the reminder :)

  9. I think it something you forgot about because it happens slowing. I'm mid journey and already it no longer feels like a workout, but I still feel more comfortable sitting down to put my shoes on. Otherwise, I still feel my huge butt sticking out and I do not like that :o)

  10. Love this! I remember being out of breath from just putting on and tying my shoes. Not sure when this stopped happening, but thanks for the reminder!