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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Am I Full of Sh*t?

Not literally.  'Cuz Miralax is my B.F.F. 

But figuratively speaking.

I got called out. 

Yep, I was called out by friend who says that I am, apparently, full of sh*t.  It was said in a joking way, but there's some truth there perhaps.

I think it's my food choices that I talk about here on the blog and Facebook page compared with what I do in real life.  She said it to me when I was gobbling down my fourth cheddar bay biscuit at Red Lobster.

Here's the thing: when I am out with friends (at their houses, at a restaurant, or bar), I'm usually a terrible bandster *hangs head in shame*  Promise not to tell anyone?  That will be our little secret, mmmmmkaaay?

Want some examples of the reee-diculousness that I get myself into?
  • Mozzarella sticks? sure.
  • Dairy Queen Blizzards? Yes, please.
  • Fries and pizza? OK, why not.
  • Margaritas, chips and guacamole? Abso-freakin'-lutely.
Sure, the portions are smaller than the pre-band days and since I make exercise my b*tch, the scale never reveals any of these food choices.

But I don't usually tell you about my occasional poor food choices. Do you know why? 

  1. I know that most of you guys are in your losing phase and you don't want to be tempted by food porn.  I know that I personally would feel very discouraged if I kept reading about some skinny bitch strutting around in size 6 jeans while she stuffed her face with bread sticks at the Olive Garden.
  2. I never, ever ate those foods when I was losing.  It was a LONG 14 months.  Whew!
  3. When I am not hanging out with friends, I am pretty "hard core" with my eating and on track.  This is about 80% of the time.
I may be full of sh*t, but perhaps only 20% of the time?

Maybe this is what maintenance is all about?


  1. ahhhhh


    kinda :o)

  2. I hope so!! I like the idea that I will be ale to enjoy the nights out with friends once I get to goal and not regain the weight :o)

  3. I get it, you are in maintenance but its nice to know that you are not always the rock you project to be! Your still my hero bandster!!!

  4. I am glad to hear that you are able to maintain and still eat like a "normal" person!! It is good to know that you are human :)

  5. I like this post. Thanks for blogging about poor food choices. I know you've blogged a bit about it before, but it's still a little hard to see you as anything other than the perfect bandster, in my opinion.

  6. You are at place where it is okay to eat like that 80% of the time because you are at maintence and because you exercise.
    I also bet that if you suddenly saw a 5 pound gain, that you you woudl go back to more lieke 90% FAST. Or go back into losing mode and not eat anything off plan. That is the willpower that got you to this point.
    Thanks for keeping it real and giving us something to look forward to.

  7. I honestly have never believed anything else. I have read that you were 100% while in your losing phase and seeing you having the occasional cupcake or hearing about your dinners out with friends makes me excited to get to goal. Knowing that my band can help keep my portions in check and exercise can deal with the increased calories a few times a week. You make maintenance seem doable. Yeah, there is no end to this journey, but if life had to be without cheddar biscuits and margueritas with the girls forever...I would rather be fat.

    Thanks for keeping it real. *hearts*

  8. I have been with you when we were being bad....LOL

    I recall the Red Velvet Crack I mean cake you and I ate in Chicago together.

    You are a rockstar and your habits should be immulated!


  9. Honestly, yes. You are full of shit. #1 is offensive. I read your blog and sometimes can't believe the shit you put in yourself and call yourself a model bandster. It seems you are an extreme exerciser and that is what offsets all the fast and processed food you eat. It's your blog and your body you should do whatever you like. You so desperately want to be a leader in this community. Then lead. It is good to be "real" and acknowledge that we are all human. Like I'm acknowledging that I'm human and I don't want the backlash so I'm posting this anonymously.

  10. I've been maintaining eating like crap for 5 months too-- it's a different ballgame than losing (thank goodness). And, I don't exercise, so you're still 20x more "model" than me.

  11. Yay! I'm looking forward to maintenance (although it is in a far far away land)

  12. But...you are also a "normal" person now. And those normal weight people eat like shIt 20% of the time and the rest of the time eat well. Except for those minor few who can eat everything and never gain. But most of my friends at "normal" weight watch their diet which is why they stay thin. I just have to learn more of how they do it. So being real is important because if we only show the good side, it will make the rest of us feel guilty that we cant be perfect. Great post and I like to see the food porn.

  13. Holley smokey--just read that anonymous post--what a d!ldo. She's full of sh!t so don't take it personally. You are a leader in this band world and WE want you to keep it up.

  14. Full of shit is in the eye of the beholder. I know that for me, I don't have the luxury of time that you may have to make exercise my bitch, so as a result, I don't know I can't eat crap like Taco Bell 3 times a week. Does it mean I'm a perfect Lap bander, no. I posted yesterday about mindlessly eating an entire bag of peanut butter cups in one day at work (under the guise of quitting smoking) and it was with behavior like that, that as a result, I gained back some of my weight and now that to lose 6 lbs to get back to my goal weight.

    We all make bad judgement calls in our eating, but I think that what it is important to note to our readers and followers who look up to us as so called "Success stories" is to practice what we preach. Saying one thing and doing another is providing a disservice to everyone as it doesn't give an honest and accurate portrayal of what life at goal is. By keeping it as real in our blogs and on Facebook as we are in person gives an ACCURATE view of what a Lap Band success story can be. None of us are alike and there is no golden rule and i am NOT telling you what to write, as that is your call, but I have to say I agree with your friend. If we want to truly help others with our stories, we need to be real, open and honest...not selective in admitting our successes and failures. Thanks for posting this. It is a good discussion to have.

  15. I'm a little amazed that this post hasn't set off more of a shitstorm of comments. Sorry, but I agree with the anonymous poster. If you're going to hold yourself up as a pillar the lapbanding community, then lying to the newbies because you don't think they'd like you as much if you were actually honest is not cool.  This is your blog, and obviously what you eat or write about it is your business...but when you hold yourself out as an example to all, then you kind of open yourself up to being called on it when you come clean about what you're really doing. You've been an inspiration to a lot of people, myself included. Something to think about.

  16. It's ok to be full of sh*t cause I think we all are at some point during the day/week/month!

    And Blizzards, Hell Ya!!!

    You look awesome!

  17. I must be full of shit, too! LOL

  18. I don't agree that you're full of figurative shit. I think you're very honest. Just recently you put on a few pounds and were honest about your struggles and needing a fill. If anything, I LOVE to know that you can spluge here and there and still maintain your weight. That is simply awesome. You're a band super star through and through. Plus, even though you're in maintenance, you still continue to blog and support all of us newbies. I am very appreciative! You've helped me a lot.

  19. After I posted my comment I read the other comments and am so confused as to why some think you’ve been misleading. Especially that anonymous poster. First of all, when have you ever professed to be a perfect or called yourself a "model bandster???" Never that I’ve noticed. Second, because it irritates the hell out of me when people base their opinions on anything other than facts, I scrolled through some of your posts from when I first started following you back in August to show that you DO in FACT talk about times when you’re not perfect. Here are some experts from just two weeks…

    Aug 1, 2011 – you refer the “sugar cookie incident" and your “Starbucks addiction.”

    Aug 4, 2011 – “If I don't find time to exercise for a few days the weight on the scale goes DOWN because I lose muscle....and since I'm in a sharing mood, I may or may not use this to my advantage on a rare Friday weigh-in....shhhhh”

    Aug 8, 2011 – “I've lost some of my focus lately and need to see my surgeon's Lap Band rules written out again. I didn't get this band to half-ass it, because that's what I've been doing....half-assing it...completely off track.”

    Aug 9, 2011 – “I can knock back a Small Nutter Butter Blizzard in 15 minutes flat…” “I like being able to eat everything that may be available (Work dinners/BBQs/parties/traveling/etc). “

    Aug 13, 2011 – “Maybe all that trying on clothes will cancel out the fun size Snickers bar that I'm munching on while I type? “

    So, I know it’s hard not to focus on negative comments, even when they're the minority. And, it’s important to consider others points of view and opinions; however, if those opinions are not based on fact – which some of these comments aren’t – I think you should disregard them.

    And, so what if you exercise more so you can eat more?!?! That’s a good thing.

    Not that you would, but please don’t change a thing about the way you blog. It’s honest, helpful and inspirational to so many!!


  20. Thanks for protecting me from the food porn! I also think it is a part of maintaining weight, and not losing. I hope one day I don't have to walk away from every piece of food that I want. I also hope that I will continue to balance the food choices with exercise and moderation. :) You are obviously doin' something right... just saying.

  21. oh- and I'd like to know where in your blog you call yourself a "leader of the banded community" or whatever BS they wanna say your are "being." This is just about our journeys. If people don't like the journey, get off the train... or at least the train you are driving. :) Love your blog... don't like anonymous postings, and think you should just keep it up!

  22. We all have to work this stuff out a little differently I think. There is some shit eating at my house and periods of on target being good. Like you its the mostly good (except for the exercise bit..that is not so good).

    Some article said once that most bariatric patients record 50% of what they really eat in food diaries..I wonder how true that is for successful bandsters :)

    I find that the information overall from the blogs is helps us get a good idea of what we are in for...keeping it real is a good thing.



  23. Giiiiiiiirl...YOU are the one who allowed me to post a picture of you eating cookies in our hotel room. YOU posted pictures of us eating pizza. YOU sat at a table full of bandsters sharing cake. YOU talk about needing to bust your ass at the gym if you're going to enjoy your favorite treats. As long as I have known you, you have never kept any of this a secret. What should you do, binge in private and tell people you are perfect in public? THAT would be extremely unhealthy behavior. I think that anyone putting you on a pedestal is THEIR problem, not yours. I admire your honesty.

  24. Sounds like you have reached "real life" eating. I see skinny people eating crap all the time and wonder how they do it. The reason is that I am eating crap all the time, they just eat it once in awhile. Its all about moderation. You worked very hard and you deserve to be able to enjoy a biscuit or two - in moderation of course :)

  25. I've been reading your blog for a full year and I've never heard you talk about being the model bandster or leader of any community. I see you as a comrade in maintenance. Someone who cheers me on as I hope I've done for you.

    I've smiled when you've told of eating incidents that were less than perfect. I especially remember when you were talking in one of the support groups about eating blizzards and the doctor quickly said that you were in maintenance and in a different place.

    I see no "extreme" exercising and wish I were as diligent as you to get my exercise in each week. No, you are NOT full of s**t. You are the best! :)

  26. Being a Soon-to-be-bandster myself, the non food porn is a big help especially as I am in my Pre-Op phase. HOWEVER - I read your blog from start to finish and you have ALWAYS been real. I also LOVE the fact that you are normal and have an off day once in awhile. When I read about people who act as if they NEVER slip up or NEVER have a taste of anything splurging, then I want to run like hell from this choice I have made. It's blogs like yours and Catherine who has inspired me to CHOOSE the band, to know what can work and to also know you can EVENTUALLY have a small cheat day and then you automatically go back to eating like hell and gain another 50 back (LIKE I HAVE DONE IN THE PAST - UGG!) So screw the Anonymous and those who are calling you out as full of shite. You aren't. You are NORMAL!!!

  27. I actually liked this post :D I'm caught up in the pre surgery phase of trying to lose some weight before surgery and looking forward to the losing stage, even though I know it's deprivation, it's good to know with hard work, once you're in maintenance you can treat yourself, as long as you get back on track. It sounds like you still take your maintenance seriously but you are not letting food control YOU, instead you are saying, here's a small treat and now eat and exercise, rather then here's a small treat my life is over let me have six more. From what I understand (and what I'm hoping) is that maintenance is about balance and it sounds like you've achieved that. This is actually very motivating.

  28. Aha, lots of opinions on here. I don't think you are full of S---, nor do I think what you post is offensive. One thing that this post shows to me (that hasn't really been addressed yet) is that our 'tool' does not reprogram us. If we liked fried cheese or pizza pre-band, we will continue to like it with the band. During our losing phase we have to be very careful with our calories and will probably forego these things-- but that doesn't last forever. You can be a bit more relaxed in maintenance BUT only because you do work out enough to burn off these extra calories. I assume that the bandsters in maintenance who haven't embraced exercise would have to be more careful with some of these splurges.

  29. I think this post is real. If anyone thinks anyone is perfect, they are only fooling themselves. Don't worry about them.

    - Lisa

  30. I look up to you because you are real... albeit, only as far as I can tell from your online escapades! lol. I have to send out a high-five to Gilly for being honest and owning it although I do not agree. It's not your fault that you feel pressured because you want all bandsters to succeed. You have a presence. You're funny and you have been successful. No one puts out a blog believing that everyone will find value in it, that everyone will agree or that everyone had been there, done that.
    Anonymous is a coward. She even admits not wanting to face the consequences of being a self-preservationist. The beauty of the online community is the being accepted as a bandster. A good bandster, a bad bandster, a struggling bandster and a successful bandster. We all have a place here and who is anonymous to suggest that you don't? I challenge anonymous to nut-up and be honest on her own blog about poor food choices, struggles and earn some followers for the right reasons.

  31. Not so much full of shit..... maybe full of wonder!
    It's amazing how maint or pre-maint is just as hard.... OR HARDER than the diet itself! *YIKES*
    Many of us didn't see that one coming!