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Monday, January 2, 2012

Do You Feel Like You Know a Weight Loss Secret? (and a Silly New Year's Eve Photo)

Have you seen all those new TV commercials with celebrities selling the latest weight loss plans?

It's the new year, so I guess that's what us Americans are supposed to do: lose weight.  I hate the concept of a new year's resolution.  What's wrong with starting fresh or making changes on July 27th? Or how about March 19th? Those are perfectly good days to begin a healthy lifestyle.

It seems with these new years resolutions, we all are supposed to pretend to try to lose weight for about three weeks and then give up like every other year.  Oh, and let's remember to also join a gym that we will only go to for a few weeks.  I did it.  For many, many years.  Every January.  I get it.  I'd lose about 20 lbs and then promptly gain it all back (plus some more) by spring time.  What fun that was. *Note: sarcasm*

The one commercial that seems to be on repeat all day every day lately is Janet Jackson and her Nutrisystem.  I'm so glad that she is convincing Americans that if they eat little boxes and cans of pre-packaged food that they'll lose the weight and keep it off.  Right. *note: MORE sarcasm*  And don't even get me started on that HCG diet.

When I see any of these weight loss infomercials or ads, I sometimes think to myself:

"Whew! I am so relieved that I have figured it out already. I've actually done it and I know how to keep it off."

It's like I know a secret or something.  But it's no secret.  Everyone knows what they need to lose weight: eat less, move more.  But we all know it's not that easy.  Easier said than done, of course.

That's why I am so happy to have some extra help with this tool, the Lap Band.  It's helping me in my weight loss and maintenance.  It's the one thing that has worked for me.  

Your secret may be the sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Weight Watchers, or whatever works for you.

OK, here's the silly new year's eve photo that I promised.  This is what happens when I drink too much whipped cream vodka and strawberry soda...and yeah, those are Christmas stockings on my feet:


  1. I love this post, we were just talking about this very thing, Nichole and I on Friday. Our gym gets jam packed in January, in fact it is so bad you can barely move in the locker room. I too was one of the ones who bought the craze only to lose and regain. what most people do not know about Nutri System is yes you will lose if you do it, but it will never ever be forever unless you eat their meals the rest of your life.

    My band helps, but the secret is learning how much to eat, and exercise of some sort religiously! This is what will keep it off.

  2. Your telling me! I just came off the HCG diet...I think I have been on every diet there is! But always gain it back. I am not slated to get my band until February but I can't wait to experience it myself!

  3. I am SO with you on New Year's resolutions-- you took the words right out of my mouth.
    However, I am still refocusing myself at this point because sometimes the timing inevitably lands in this season... whatever: the goal is lasting weight loss and health, no matter what time of year.

  4. awesome post and I couldn't agree more....yet even though I do agree I see those commercials and still think....maybe? Probably another reason reading is better then TV ;)

  5. Sometimes I do feel like I have a secret. When all is said and done, it is commitment and being steadfast that keeps me on track. A slip here and there will happen. Learning to recover quickly is "priceless."

  6. Yep, one of the things on my "reasons to lose weight" list was: So I don’t have to keep starting new diets in hopes that this will be 'the one'. Cute pic!

  7. So right... I was saying this to my husband with all these damn commercials that started right on 12/26. I'm glad I have this tool... and thank God I started last July to get the concept and understanding... this year will continue and be better for me in this challenge.

  8. I totally agree with you on this post. Cute NYE photo, love the crazy socks!!

  9. I almost bought that exact same shirt at Kohl's yesterday!

  10. You are adorable! Jazzercise will be filled for the next few weeks with those with NY resolutions to work out more, but then by mid-February, things will be back to normal. Of course, until it is time for bathing suit weather, then we will have another surge. :)