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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Non-Scale Victory (NSV) Alert!

Isn't is weird how we only hear what we want to hear sometimes?

I realized last night that my Jazzercise instructor has now said to me three times in the last few months that I should also become a Jazzercise instructor.

Why did I only really listen and hear her last night when she said it again?

Who knows.

But it's definitely a NSV in my book.  

Before I was banded, never in a bazillion years did I EVER expect to be healthy and fit enough for another human being to think that I could actually lead an exercise class, let alone an aerobics class.  


I will probably never teach Jazzercise, but I guess I should never say "never."  Crazier and more unbelievable things have happened since I've been banded (fitting into a size 4 dress!)

Who knows what the future holds?


  1. HUGE nsv! I think you should go for it! If you're teaching, it's a way to stay fit, and your story could motivate and inspire. And, it's a fun side job. It's a win-win. :-) Congrats! A very well-deserved nsv!

  2. That is awesome and sounds like a ton of fun while getting your workouts in. Yay! Thats a wonderful NSV.

  3. I also never thought I I would be in good enough shape to lead an exercise class. Then I started to think that maybe I COULD become a Zumba instructor. At first I thought I might just try to get certified but never really teach- just get certified to say to i could do it. However, now that I have moved to the middle of nowhere with 1 uninspired Zumba instructor --- I am beginning to think that when I do get Zumba certified -- I will teach. But you are so right, it's so crazy to me sometimes that I even like exercise enough and/or am fit enough to think I could teach it.

  4. You should totally do it!

  5. I actually like Jazzercise better than Zumba and it seems like a better workout to me. Still, I can take a Zumba class anytime without a signup fee or mandatory monthly charge so that's what I'm doing. If you have the inclination to do it, I'll bet you'd be a great leader. :)

  6. That is a great NSV :o)

  7. That is fantastic!! Congrats!

  8. I can just imagine you doing those jazz hands, so go ahead and try. One thing to check off your bucket list!

  9. You totally should! Why pay someone else to Jazzercise you, when you can be getting paid to exercise???

    I was told a few times by other Zumba-ettes that I should be teaching...... guess who's going to get certified once she heals from her lower-body lift??? :D

  10. Phenom!!! I love this NSV! :)

  11. Hmm, not a class... but maybe we could all have a Jazzercise session at the hotel at BOOBs led by LBG? :)