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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Useful Printout to Take to the ER

I have discovered an poster/guide for ER doctors on treating bariatric patients. (found on a post on obesityhelp.com message boards).

Take a look at this PDF document.

I have heard the common complaint from bandsters that ER doctors sometimes don't know how to treat an overfilled or slipped band in the ER.  Well, this document explains the various bariatric surgeries.   It even advises how to treat an overfilled band, do an unfill, as well as what the band should and should not look like under xray/scan.

I will be emailing this link to myself just in case I ever have to show an ER doc how to adjust my band...a printout may be useful too.

This reminds me that I should really find my lost Medical ID Bracelet...and wear it.

PS: how stupid do doctors think we are with that comment in the white box in the upper left that says "Patients often don't know which procedure they have had..."  REALLY?!  sigh...


  1. Wow - impressive. Have filed it away for future use, thanks.

  2. Great chart. But it is true-there are so many people who couldn't tell you the surgery they had. I think the anethetic numbs their brain. I always wondered why an emerg doc couldn't stick a needle into the port and pull to see if they could relieve the band tightness-there are a bunch of bandsters who live far from their clinic or doc and it shouldn't be that hard to give it a try. We have RN's here doing the fill/unfills. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure it out. Guess they are all afraid of lawsuits or something.

  3. I'm surprised people wouldnt know which surgery they had. Useful PDf though. I wish they had just one for the band.

  4. Really interesting. I don't think it would have mattered in my ER - last time I went and got the "we can't help you" response they seemed afraid to mess with it at all - like a liability thing? Its a shame.

  5. most doctors are really prideful, if you pulled that flow-sheet out for them they'd probably be highly offended LOL -- but it's still a good teaching tool :) as far as not knowing what surgery they've had...you would be surprised how ignorant people are about their bodies/medical history, I see it every day...

  6. Oh that is a wonderful file, thank you for posting it. Very informative. :)