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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Medical ID Bracelet Debate

6 day post op and feeling better....

I have seen quite a lot of debate over at lapbandtalk.com about whether gastric banders should have a medical ID bracelet or other jewelry that identifies a medical concern to professional medical personnel such as EMTs, ER DRs, etc.

Hmmm...what do you think?

Here's my bracelet (sterling silver):


  1. I was thinking of putting a sticker on the back of my drivers license in case something happened to me. Or something stapled to my Donation card.

  2. Wow-- I didn't think of that... hmm. food for thought, I don't think I'd wear a bracelet, but the driver's license concept might be smart.

  3. My son wears a bracelet due to having type one diabetes and yet it never occurred to me to wear one for my band. What a great idea.

  4. I probable wouldn't wear a bracelet but that is a nice one! My doctor gave me a laminated card with that info on it and his info on it, I carry it in my wallet next to my health ins card. I guess you just never know!

  5. I have a bracelet. Reads kinda like your yours...has my name, Gastric band w/abd port No blind NG. I also put Dr. Castillo w/ phone # on it. I have worn it everyday since :)

  6. I just wrote "lapband patient" on my insurance card - I figure if anything happens to me, the medical professionals are going to want to see my insurance card first!

    Congrats on you weight loss surgery. I had lapband surgery in Aug 2008 and have reached my goal - my goal was to lose 106 lbs and I've lost 114. My blog is sallyslapbandjourney.blogspot.com. I wish you lots of success.

  7. I have never thought of this! Will add to my TDL for sure!