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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 3 Post Op...

Feeling a bit better today...still on the liquid Loratab. I had one of the Alpine Punch Isopures 8oz for breakfast. That after taste is crazy wicked!! I had to brush my teeth after...ick.

The hospital gave me a "Bari Buddy" stuffed bear for coughing. It helps a lot. He has a very very hard body so when I need to cough, I place him against my tummy which makes things feel better.
Thanks for all your kind comments of encouragement and positive thoughts! You guys are great!


  1. my dad got a stuffed heart shaped pillow for the exact same purpose when he had heart surgery. how kind of the hospital to have something for others as well.

    hope recovery is going well!

  2. You'll be on the mend soon enough.. remember to try to be up and around so that you can keep your 'gases passing'-- trust me, little walkabouts will help between resting!


  3. Hi there,
    Found you through Debbie's blog and had a read. Sounds like you are going great guns - though this part is not much fun. Things will start to pick up soon enough and before you know it, you will be roaring back down those scales.
    Congrats on becoming part of Bandland. :)
    Look forward to more posts