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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to Work!

8th Day Post Op

I went back to work today...and had a follow up appt with the surgeon.

I'm still struggling with getting enough calories and grams of protein....I can only tolerate about 1 or 2 protein shakes a day, 2 or 3 yogurts, and 1 soup. I am also sometimes queezzy/nauseous.

When I told my surgeon about this he said that during surgery he primed the band a bit more than usual and made it more "plushy" (his word, not mine) so that could explain my queezziness/nauseousness and not being able to eat as much. So I must be a bit overfull in my band. Either way, I have my first fill scheduled for 11/17. We will see if I even need it.

PS: I officially have lost 22 lbs!!!


  1. First up, congrats on the 22lb loss.. that must feel awesome!!
    What the heck is a 'plushy' band? Does he mean there was already a good deal of fill in there when he put the band in?
    I really wouldn't worry about your calorie intake too much right now, honestly. You're only 8 days out of surgery. Just try to make good mushie choices and if they are a little high I wouldn't stress. The aim right now is to treat your band kindly, it's still swollen a little (your stomach I mean) and only wants light stuff. Just keep doing what you're doing. It's obviously working :)

  2. Sounds like you are doing good. I am sure the feelings you are having will subside soon. I was about at 10 days before my stomach felt kind of normal again. Keep it up, that loss is awesome.

  3. Hi there! I'm new to your blog and noticed you follow mine, thank you! Congrats on 22 lbs, that's amazing. You are doing so well. A website that is great for recipes is Allrecipes.com I get a lot of mine there. As well as Hungrygirl.com. I'll be following along with you. I'm Ramona btw.