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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Struggling on a Saturday...

Day 4 post op....

The symptoms/feelings have changed since day of surgery...the Queezies/Nausea came back today (from day post op day 1)...I notice that if I lay down, the nausea is stronger...and therefore have tried remained upright most of the day...anyone else have this nausea issue too?

The post op full liquid diet indicates that I must have 1200 calories and 50-70 grams of protein... That's a joke. I can barely get in 500 calories and about 45 grams protein....ugh...I will keep trying...

Here's a photo of my kitty Pemberley helping me rest yesterday. I hope to be in a better mood tomorrow...


  1. Hi there ! I know exactly what you mean about the nausea !! I slept in an upright position for about a week. Everytime I tried to lay down it was horrible and the last thing I wanted was to gag or vomit so I took it very easy. Sleeping was very difficult and fleeting unless I was heavily medicated. My doctor finally prescribed ondasterone ( sp?) that really helped with the naseau. You will feel better in a couple of eyes and the magic will begin !! Hang in there !!

  2. I wish I were more help...but I never had and nausea or gas pains either. Guess I was lucky. It could ease up when you lower your meds dosage and are able to get a bit more protein. Remember, how you feel right now is soooooo temporary.

  3. I am with Jen. I was semi-lucky too, gas but no nausea. I'm not sure why you're feeling that - but it must suck. Hang in there, day by day you WILL start to feel more like yourself.
    As for your calories, just take in as many in a day as you can manage. Are you taking a liquid vitamin too. You might need it about now :)